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Transcribed by Otter

Danny de Hek 0:00
Welcome along to the Danny WHAT : DE HEK podcast. So it’s nice to have you along Jenni O, Jenni O, how do you actually say your name properly? Because I’ve already stuffed it up.

Jenni Otero 0:10
It’s Jenny Otero. It’s a Puerto Rican last name.

Danny de Hek 0:14
Oh Puerto Rican. Hmm. That’s cool and you’re currently living in the US.

Jenni Otero 0:18
I live in Los Angeles, California.

Danny de Hek 0:21
City of Angels

Jenni Otero 0:23
Something like that city of homeless right now.

Danny de Hek 0:25
Yeah, I reckon shocking. So if you aren’t used to the format, I actually have over 100 cards. And I get people onto my podcast and I asked them 12 unprompted questions and make it exciting for everyone. I basically pick out 12 questions that even I don’t know what the next one is. I’m just going to count them out. 123456789101112 there we go.

Jenni Otero 0:50
Did you cheat? Did you cheat? Oh, no. Okay.

Danny de Hek 0:54
Ones over here. Okay, good. All right. Are you ready?

Jenni Otero 0:57
I’m ready.

Danny de Hek 0:58
Okay. And I have heard that you do a little bit of stand up comedy. So a bit of humour. They come crying out.

Jenni Otero 1:05

Danny de Hek 1:07
First question. Oh, my goodness, the one I hate the most. What’s one thing about you? What’s one thing about you that you would like on your elegy? Do you have elegy?

Jenni Otero 1:22
No, no,

Danny de Hek 1:25
Its a horrible question. But it’s on my cards

Jenni Otero 1:27
Why why do you have that there?

Danny de Hek 1:30
Why? I am I call I’m a perfectionist, and I’m sort of like ADHD, and I had originally had 107 questions, and I accidentally lost three of them and I hunted everywhere for them. So I can’t throw it away. Because you I have a 104

Jenni Otero 1:47
Okay, I want to skip this time.

Danny de Hek 1:50
You can only do that once. You can call a friend, what does elegy that’s the thing you put on your tombstone isn’t? Yes,

Jenni Otero 1:58
Yes. Well, I mean, yeah, I can’t even think what I would. I don’t even want a tombstone. So

Danny de Hek 2:04
Can I have a case at the tombstone? If you had a choice, you would have pink?

Jenni Otero 2:10
That would be pretty good, right? Let’s go with it with hair on it with a big pink just hair on without

Danny de Hek 2:16
You have to get somebody to go along the irregularly and comb it and keep it straight and put a bit of squirting Yes, grey stuff on it. But let’s get rid of that question. And hopefully I accidentally might lose it when and I’ll be able to handle it. All right, this is a good eat because you’re American. This is my favourite. Okay, here we go. ruled the world. What would you change on day one?

Jenni Otero 2:38
Ah, geez, if, I ruled the world what I changed on day one, I would want everybody to laugh. Day one, everybody needs to laugh. Everybody needs to just get that negative energy that’s surrounding everything. And just laugh at what Evers going on. That’s how if I could rule the world, I would want everybody to laugh. Just so it feels so good. That energy coming out and everybody doing it together if you can imagine just being to the stadium laughing at that, but around the world.

Danny de Hek 3:11
In Christchurch, we hit it she had an organisation that had like a school of laughter. And he used to go to the park and they just stay in the holding hands laughing.

Jenni Otero 3:21
Yes, they okay. It’s called last therapy.

Danny de Hek 3:23
You guy, so that’s funny. Yeah. Okay. All right. Is there anything that you wish would come back into fashion?

Jenni Otero 3:34
Um, Moo Moo.

Danny de Hek 3:39

Jenni Otero 3:40
Moo Moo. Moo Moos are there an Afghan their old lady Afghans? They’re just really like a sack. Like you have Three’s Company in New Zealand.

Did you have Three’s Company in New Zealand? Okay, you remember Mrs. Roper?

Danny de Hek 4:00
The know the name? I can’t remember what she wore. Okay, she

Jenni Otero 4:02
wore these Afghan these. They’re called movies. They’re just like an ugly just dress. That’s really baggy. It’s like a house dress. Oh my god. Yeah, it’s like a test just like that. And you just walk around like that. And that’s very fashionable.

Danny de Hek 4:18
Drinking I take a poncho, so I’m visiting them.

Jenni Otero 4:21
Similar to that, but it’s a dress is

Danny de Hek 4:24
akin to

Jenni Otero 4:25
patient. Yeah, then just so comfortable. Right? Okay. Yeah, I know. Well, yeah, but great for a guy or girl. Anybody can wear a moo moo. It’s called a moo. Moo. It’s hilarious.

Danny de Hek 4:37
I just begged him to read the same question again. No. All right. Here’s one that’s a wee bit personal, but who knows you the best.

Jenni Otero 4:45
Um, actually, my boyfriend is me the best. My boyfriend doesn’t know me the best. He knows too much about me. The most frightening things about me things that probably nobody should ever know about me that would probably put me in jail the thoughts that I have yet Yeah, yeah, he knows too much about me.

Danny de Hek 5:02
Yeah. That’s a safe person, isn’t it? Really? Because I assume you feed him sometimes. So? Yeah, hold over. Yes. You can manipulate him.

Jenni Otero 5:12
I know. I do not. He’s so nice. He we talk. We are actually very close. That’s how I’m able to be so open with him about anything. I was talking to him yesterday. He Oh, you were,

Danny de Hek 5:23
Hey, tell me a whole lot of things.

Jenni Otero 5:26
Oh, did he? Oh, he told me. This. Oh. told you about the weird porn, didn’t he? Oh.

Danny de Hek 5:35
All right. Like, is it remind me to go through the questions as I asked them, because I just read that again. Oh, yeah. Okay, now, here’s a good one. I guarantee you speak two languages. But you probably won’t realise this. But how many languages do you speak? Well, I

Jenni Otero 5:48
speak English. And then I speak English. Because I cannot speak either one very well. I’m very terrible at English, I get tongue tied. So I have to try to pronounce my words because I had a Lisbon as a child. But in California, Los Angeles, most people do speak multiple languages. Usually Spanish is the second language. But we have Armenian, Persian, Russian are all spoken here. And in this area,

Danny de Hek 6:17
because I’m just lixia. And I use voice recognition to type 90% of my messages. So what that has helped me if I can’t get the word onto my device, then I need to work on my pronunciation. And be more clear. So it’s helped me be a bit of speaker in a way. That’s good. Yeah. Another side story. I’ve interviewed two people who train people to be public speakers. And they both say these two languages that everyone speak. And the other one is body language.

Jenni Otero 6:44
Yes. I do speak good body language. I really, and I actually read good body language. Yeah, I know when people don’t like me. That’s the first body language I know.

Danny de Hek 6:57
Sorry. Yeah. And I think I’m with zoom. It’s really twisted A lot of it. Actually. You’re only talking with your head upright and near with your mask on as well. A lot of people were in it. Yes.

Jenni Otero 7:09
Yeah, it’s having a hard time talking to people with a mask on because you can’t see if they’re smiling or not. Or they’re angry at you. So you’re trying to read their eyes and depends on glasses. You can’t. I forgot how people look when they smile around a market or anything. You’re just walking around. You’re like, Oh, sorry. And they can’t hear you. Nobody can hear each other. You know, the social niceties have gone away a bit with the mask and not being able to hear.

Danny de Hek 7:35
Yeah, the upside of it is when they brush your teeth and they forget to get out of the corner of the mouth. We don’t see that anymore. Nope. All right. Let’s see. Okay, here’s one. What was the last movie you want to see? And what did you think about it? Now what I know. We can’t use Netflix because everyone’s watching them every night now. So you got up here.

Jenni Otero 7:56
The last was downhill with a Will Ferrell and Julia Louis Dreyfus.

Danny de Hek 8:02

Jenni Otero 8:03
is it really I really like movies about a couple that had a problem that the husband left his wife went during a time that there was an avalanche and he thought he was gonna die. And he ran off and left her there with the kids. And then they nothing happened, the avalanche didn’t fall on them. And he came back and acted like nothing happened. And so the whole movies about their marriage now changing because he was willing to leave his family to die and not even take him with him.

Danny de Hek 8:33
Lunch did happen.

Jenni Otero 8:35
Yeah, it was. It was quite funny. I mean, it’s quite dark, but it was funny. I liked it. That was the last time they saw the movie theatre.

Danny de Hek 8:42
Alright, here’s, here’s another one. What are your hobbies?

Jenni Otero 8:45
I do creative writing. Okay, starting to do meetups, lots of meetups. I do a community service or my own community. So I like to give to the community on my own. So I go out and I search out little things to do for people. I spend a lot of time talking to people that need help or just need a friend. Yeah, those are my hobbies. But a lot of it is creative writing. Also our I do go to houses and a little secret thing. I give houses people that decorate their houses during Christmas, the Christmas card that thank them for decorating their houses for Christmas.

Danny de Hek 9:25
Okay, and do you blog?

Jenni Otero 9:27
I do not blog. I have not started blog blogging, but I do I have not even put my creative writing up. It’s kind of obscure and weird. But it’s quite funny. I think people would like it. I’ll put it up soon. Maybe once one or two stories are very short, very, very short. I write stories within like 10 minutes.

Danny de Hek 9:48
It’s an ideal blog. A good blog is around about 450 words any more than that. You might as well write a book. It’s quite expressing yourself. It’s funny when you’re dyslexic or Reading and Writing is really, really hard. And it sort of have a reading level of a 9.3 year old, which I thought was quite good. However, I still like to express myself and words, you know, in a quite soothing way. Okay, when are you the happiest?

Jenni Otero 10:19
I’m the happiest when I’m around. My ex Jehovah’s Witness friends. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s it’s a community that we all share together, of being an ex shows witness. And I think I’m happiest and brightest there that I think I feel like I shine the most is to be able to hear people’s stories and, and relate to them and understand where they’re at. And I find that we all have something in common and finding our village or people. And that’s where I’m happiest.

Danny de Hek 10:50
Yeah, but horrifies me. Every time I hear a story, I think, oh, my goodness, there’s another one. And it’s not unlike our own stories. And it’s so you know, it’s like, a car factory at the end of the factory seems to be poking at the same vehicles every time. Yeah, you know, and we have the vehicles and we can’t change the make and model that we are sometimes.

Jenni Otero 11:13
Yeah, it’s a, it’s an experience it is it’s transformed my life a lot. Being part of this community.

Danny de Hek 11:20
I’ve only really started in the last couple of months. So it’s actually after 28 years, I’ve been away from it. Now are more spoken. I had a meeting with a guy this morning. And he said, the reason why he doesn’t like getting on zoom and Facebook is he’s got a sister that still communicates with them. If he starts putting his his self out there, then he will become a prostate as I say he, you’ll lose that connection with her.

Jenni Otero 11:43
And I’m also afraid of that as well. My mother is still in, she lives with me. She does not she does not know what I do. But she I think he may or may not, but she very much accepts me and my ex Jehovah’s Witness friends. She doesn’t shun any of them. I’m very lucky to have a mother like that.

Danny de Hek 12:02
Yeah, I am that guy. Do you like gifts?

Jenni Otero 12:06
Girly gifts, like, like, gifts, like like a gift or a gift like

Danny de Hek 12:12
Let say, If I gave you a gift, do you like

Jenni Otero 12:14
Oh yes, I love gifts. I am not used to them. But I get them and I and I start crying. I start crying when I get a gift I I don’t know what to do with it. Because I think being raised in that in the organisation. We get gifts only on certain occasions, baptism. If you get married, you know, but not all the time, or if you just get one. So getting gifts on certain times that I get really shocked. And sometimes I’ll have to walk even if somebody says thank me if people a group of people thank me, I have to walk away to cry. I’m just not used to that.

Danny de Hek 12:50
Have any joy for birthdays or Christmas in people want to get excited. And I’m going

Jenni Otero 12:56
I had my first Christmas this year, last last year first Christmas at a family with a tree and stuff under a tree and I’m 41 years old. So it’s great. I obviously cried.

Danny de Hek 13:09
Hmm. People can’t comprehend what it is he

Jenni Otero 13:12
No, no, I cried. I cried. I was crying. And I tried to make it the best Christmas for the family as well. As I wanted

Danny de Hek 13:20
this question is probably going to be a hardcase one. And I’d be interested to hear how you go about answering it. So what’s the worst gift you’ve ever been given? Because it sounds like a

Jenni Otero 13:33
bad joke. Like it’s a somebody tried to give me a joke as a gift. And I was like, this is a terrible joke. Please take it back. Like it was just a written joke. And I was like, I was like, could you just give me a fortune cookie? I would have been happier. I tell my boyfriend that like you do not come back in here if you are not going to be funny. If you really take everything seriously. So if you give me a bad joke, that is the worst gift you can give me. Yeah, silly, silly thing, but just don’t give you a bad joke.

Danny de Hek 14:08
is an awesome one. How would your friends describe you? How do you think people see you?

Jenni Otero 14:13
A little weird. eccentric, maybe? Nice. Direct. Some would say I could be a leader at times. I’m an organiser. I’m always there. I think I’m very helpful to the community. I think people recognise that if they need something they can come to me. So I think people would say maybe unkind. I’m very kind to an extent that I have to have somebody stop my kindness because I don’t I don’t know when to stop. So if somebody does something bad I wouldn’t know I need them to say that’s not a good person. I need to recognise the difference.

Danny de Hek 15:01
So you’re the very last person that gets looked after, by yourself?

Jenni Otero 15:05
Probably, yes.

Danny de Hek 15:07
I got on an aeroplane and you know, when they say the bags fall down putting your face first and then, you know,

Jenni Otero 15:14
I would give away I would give away my bag first. Yeah,

Danny de Hek 15:17
I watched a Yeah. What’s the TV documentary about why they say that? And apparently if you tried to put the mask on the child first instead of yourself you only have like something a few seconds before you get overwhelmed and yeah used to see anyone but I haven’t had that problem yet. And I haven’t really seen too many planes for those who know, safely anyway.

Jenni Otero 15:36
I don’t want everybody everybody has the mask on. Right during the pandemic, remember? Not wearing them anymore, remember? Yeah. Everybody had hazmat suits on?

Danny de Hek 15:49
Yeah. All right. He’s down the last two questions. It was a wee bit more about you who up but let’s say if you were to share a meal with any individuals living or did when they were alive? Who would that be? Who would like to have a meal with

Jenni Otero 16:03
Jesus and Hitler?

Danny de Hek 16:05
Yeah. I’ve used it before, but not them together.

Jenni Otero 16:09
Yeah, yeah.

Danny de Hek 16:11
You’ve taken to for dinner?

Jenni Otero 16:13
Yeah, yeah. You said two great, guys. It’s a good day to rate. Hitler. I have a lot of questions. And would I need a translator for both?

Danny de Hek 16:24
Do you think Hitler would be saying, hey, do you find the bat Jesus?

Jenni Otero 16:27
I yeah. Yeah. I would, I would want to know if the first thing he would ask. Are you in June?

Danny de Hek 16:34
Yeah. Hitler would be quite intrigued would be quite interested in a way because theoretically, he managed to get a whole country behind him one stage, he must be telling

Jenni Otero 16:45
Jesus but Jesus, but Jesus got the whole world behind him. He said, No. Yeah. It he hasn’t. No, but he made a whole religion that last day.

Danny de Hek 16:53
Did they write a book about it? anyway? Last question, Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Jenni Otero 17:00
introvert extrovert? Both. So I can be both. Okay, I can. I can be indoors or outdoors. It just depends. That’s how I personally, I’m more introverted. So when this happened, the pandemic I was, it was very easy for me. But then the extrovert side needs to burst out. So introvert extrovert? That’s cool. Well,

Danny de Hek 17:21
I’m done with the questions. I’m just sort of curious with your because we’re in New Zealand. We’ve been locked out. We’ve got locked down for four weeks. And now we’re living pretty much normal life and we’re relying on our government to make sure they don’t let people in through the borders. But you you’re locked down now are you

Jenni Otero 17:37
Leaving? Gavin Newsom has just opened up a restaurant so we can finally go back to eating at restaurants. I don’t think nail salons and hair salons have opened up yet I am unclear. But no it has not gone back to normal life. We still have the outdoors, outdoor seating. You know, lines are long, you know a certain amount of people can go into stores at a time they count everything. sanitise stuff as a closed down to be cleaned. But I mean, a lot of it is normal that we we’ve just gotten used to this sort of way of living right now. Yeah. But and not seeing friends. You know, we don’t we don’t really see them very often when we do. You try to social distance. And that’s even hard. I mean, to be honest, I’ve seen my friends without masks. A lot of us have. But most people just don’t admit it. We all pretend like that didn’t happen. But we go to lunch and we’re eating around other people, but they they at first they had The masks they had the waiters have shields over their face. Yep. gloves on title gloves are all over the hands and a mask to serve you. And then all the there is no silverware. It’s like it’s so worth like, anything’s mostly thrown throw away. Not really washed. There is no menus really very, you have to scan a menu with your phone.

Danny de Hek 19:08
So a lot of stuff going easy. Now the main reason would be maybe to support the restaurant owner.

Jenni Otero 19:13

Oh, well, you can eat it. I mean, we’re happy to meet your friends out. You know, go sit somewhere and get some coffee or just eat out some you know something new. I love to eat out. I went to Vegas recently. And I love eating there.

Danny de Hek 19:26
arena with in Las Vegas. It was I remember hitchhiking into Las Vegas and I was a truck driver called Randy was 20 years ago. And he dropped me off in the old Las Vegas. And then this taxi driver came along and said look you too dangerous for you guys to be hanging around here. We’ll give you a lift. So he took us into the new year Las Vegas.

Jenni Otero 19:44
I love to go to Las Vegas. I get a timeshare you know, oh yeah, I get a timeshare. You have you did the timeshare presentation. Okay? So you know they try to sell you a timeshare. Right away. So I mean, my boyfriend loves to do this. timeshare presentations I nobody else does. I love it. I uh, so the last one we went to, which was recently, I told my boyfriend that you Okay, before we go in, we’re gonna have a story. So as soon as the guy start talking about the timeshare, I look at my my boyfriend, and I look at the guy. And I say, I can’t get this timeshare. I just found out I was pregnant two hours ago. And I, and I just don’t want this baby. And yeah, the guy was like, What? Like, he’s, I’ve never heard that before. How did you? I was like, Yeah, my doctor called me this morning. I really wanted to get this timeshare. And then I’m starting to hit my boyfriend, you knock me up, like by hitting him. And the guy is very freaked out about this whole thing. And he wasn’t sure if I was joking or not. So he’s going through the presentation he has, he’s like, I have to keep going through it. And I’m sitting there going, what are we going to do? We don’t have the money for this. We don’t. So I’m going through this whole story for this poor guy. He started to shake. And he’s like, well, you should keep the baby. And I’m like, that’s, that’s not. That’s not what we wanted.

Danny de Hek 21:15
Is it? Because you wanted the free lunch?

Jenni Otero 21:18
No, they give you $150? And or seven days free. Okay, at another hotel to another timeshare?

Danny de Hek 21:25

Jenni Otero 21:27
Yes, yeah

Danny de Hek 21:29
We’ve hit the free breakfast in Surfers Paradise in Australia, and they’ll pick you up from your hotel and a limousine. But then the problem was, well, that was the breakfast presentation took two hours. And the time you finished your breakfast, you’re just about due for lunch, and you’ve wasted half a day and a holiday. Yeah, they didn’t get that’s pretty generous. But there’s quite common in Australia. They think it’s timeshare, but I have these apartments they want you to buy.

Jenni Otero 21:53
Oh, it’s so similar. Yeah, similar to that. ours. Where is this? You get seven days at another timeshare. So for free, or you get 150 bucks or our other gifts. And so I always like to do it just because we like to mess with them and have some fun.

Danny de Hek 22:10
Yeah, good on you. Right. And I’ve noticed I’ve only really been challenging for about four, six weeks, but I’ve noticed that you’re on a lot of you’re obviously an ex Jehovah’s Witness like myself, that’s a common interest. And we’ve bumped into you and a few zoom meetings, and you run quite a few different zoom meetings helping people get their stories out, really, isn’t

Jenni Otero 22:28
it? Yes, yes, I do. I, I just started a new one. For the LGBTQ community, an ex Jehovah’s Witness, meetup for the LGBT community online, everyone’s invited. There is just sign up, and it’s free. Two hours long. We have our regular meetup, x JW, doesn’t matter if you’re LGBTQ doesn’t matter what you are you Everyone is invited to that. I think I’m starting to do a host x JW comedy. I just talked to some else’s Eleazar. And he worked setting that up. I don’t know, the specifics. I do that I also in facilitating people in the community to, to talk to other people that need them. So when people contact me, I may not be the person that that needs to help them maybe they have a specific problem. And I’ve talked to so many people, I send them to a person that I know, that can help them to get the support that they need. I also support I support a lot of friends

Danny de Hek 23:37
that that need it. I know myself a connector, because I know a lot of people and it says What were you doing the same sort of deal really is you just pointing people in the right direction because you know, your social, you know a lot of people, you listen to what they need and point them. Yeah.

Jenni Otero 23:54
Basically, because our group is non denominational. So it’s not it’s we don’t have a lot of Christians. And I don’t want to bring a Christian or somebody with that faith, an ex Jehovah’s Witness into the group, and then have them here, hear how we talk? How you know, we don’t we don’t like it. I want them to go to a place where they feel safe. It’s all for their safety and their healing after being in the organisation.

Danny de Hek 24:20
So you mean like when you’ve got people in the group and you talk about the governing body or the anointed slave?

Jenni Otero 24:25
No. Are we? Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, they will. They know what it means. But they’re also they transition from being an ex Jehovah’s witness to maybe a Jehovah’s witness for Jesus an extra was was for Jesus or an extra was witness for Christ our Christian so they they transition to a new religion where us we’re, I have not transitioned to a new religion.

Danny de Hek 24:50
I really like in it some thank god, I’m an atheist. It’s sort of like that, but um, ya know, it’s a funny one, but like I said, it’s like Like a car factory and at the other end of the factory poking out all these vehicles that are got a common interest is quite nice to sort of meet in the carpark so to speak and find there is other people out there who have a common interest and know the lingo as you say. And,

Jenni Otero 25:12
yeah, yeah, it’s very helpful. It’s been very therapeutic for myself, I’ve been doing it for about two years, I’ve built up our group, with my, actually the person that started the group, Gina, she kind of pass it a little bit on to me, and she hosts a lot online, but in person, we both host. And then in person, actually, when we used to meet in person I host, because if she can’t make it, but we have now we have built our, we’ve built so big, that sometimes the group, which I think you, you were at the last group that we had, and that was a pretty large crowd, for an online group to talk. So I have to set rules and boundaries and have to write those out to make sure everybody knows, you know how this is run.

Danny de Hek 26:04
But it’s quite good. I had done one zoom meeting with over 60 people in it. But we had a speaker who come along and did a talk, and people were just listing the different I think we need to get past, you know, 1220 people, and you get somebody is a dominating person in the group, you need to be able to sort of shut them off, and sort of take control of the meeting and bring it back to the theme. One that we’re doing quite well, at the moment, I have a think tank meeting for my business, networking people. And at the end of each meeting, we come up with next week’s theme. And every now and again, I make that meeting into four parts. And if it starts going pear shaped I bring it back to the and it seems even out again, we get off track. And then I have to think, Oh, I’m facilitating this, but I was watching you do it. And you you know, you go back in time and respects of time, we need to move around even though they started up.

Jenni Otero 26:54
Yes, yes. Yeah, I moderate. Yes, I’m, I’m a really good moderator of time and time management of the group and just making sure we all stay on track. Even though I am like a very loud personality when you meet me online or talk to me or if I need to, you know, be that person. Just because I don’t want people to feel like I’m yelling at them. We just all have rules, and we just all have to follow them. Or else you know, you’re gonna get disfellowshipped and then we’re gonna have to shun you. And we don’t want to go there.

Danny de Hek 27:26
I like to be on the committee this time. It’s pretty cool. quite like the fit, you see, to getting into doing the comedian stuff because I did go on to x JW. Comedian, and they hit a quite a good format in a way because they had three comedians. And then they got to do the talks. And it was a comedy act. That was really, really good. And I mentioned interviewing Jay, the comedian. Yes. I’m really looking forward to that. Yeah, some good stuff happening in this community, which I’ve just sort of started sticking my nose in. And there’s also a movie being made at the moment.

Jenni Otero 27:57
And when I told you about that, yes, it’s called the truth about the truth. It’s Lloyd Evans. Javier Ortiz. Those are the guy and then want us to go borrow? I’m sorry. If I’m messing up your name. I think the cliff Henderson is in it. The fifth you’re who you’re interviewing my friend Gina, isn’t it? Tony do Shea a lot of people that have come out that are well known are in that that video? Yeah, yeah.

Danny de Hek 28:30
I’m looking forward to Halo. I really appreciate come along spending some of your time with me. I meant your new podcast. So you’re not going to get celebrity status. Lisa, you’re famous. It’s it’s I don’t

Jenni Otero 28:41
need celebrity status. I’m perfectly fine being

Danny de Hek 28:44
it’s been a pleasure having you on and I also include the links to your, your Meetup group, where do you

Jenni Otero 28:52
go to my Meetup group, send it send it to my Meetup group or my Facebook page, either one.

Danny de Hek 28:59
He called.

Jenni Otero 29:00
It’s a Los Angeles ex Jehovah’s Witness meetup.

Danny de Hek 29:05
Today very weird, because I scribed this into text afterwards as well. So I’ll link it through to the and as your Facebook also called this up.

Jenni Otero 29:13
We don’t have a Facebook group. It’s only on meetup.com he was way to find us

Danny de Hek 29:19
meetups brilliant actually. And if anyone’s watching this, and they’re lonely meetup.com you go there, and you basically fill out your profile. And then it brings in all the local groups that get together in your neighbourhood. And worldwide. I build up a tramping hiking in a social group. And I did it for about eight years myself using meetup and it’s a brilliant way of lonely people finding some really nice people who have been injured.

Jenni Otero 29:43
Yeah, it’s great because I mean, I suffer from I’m bipolar and I suffer from depression myself and finding my family I this week I suffered a very hard just downward turn and I had my whole community stand up for me and It was, it’s able, it was the reason I’m able to even be here on this interview today, because it was very bad downfall for me, because I’m usually very strong, but I had an avalanche of stuff can happen at once. Yeah. And they all just came for me. And it was, and I want to cry because it was just so amazing to see you, you you reached out, I had people call me have flowers. And it was

Danny de Hek 30:28
funny. In a way watching, it’s kind of nice to be able to say it, and then people react and it gives you because it is what people think. And helping people can do a lot with the woods.

Jenni Otero 30:37
Yeah. And I usually don’t reach out, so but my boyfriend did reach out. And I did say a little bit online. And then I had a flood gate of people. And I cannot imagine if I did not have that where I would probably be in the hospital, if it wasn’t for that. So it’s amazing the support that you get once you join your family and you find your village.

Danny de Hek 31:00
Yeah, and I’ve seen a couple of comments like that with other people who get onto these new Facebook pages, and they pour it their story. And they said they’ve lost their whole family. And I say, well, we’re your family now. And I’ve seen some of your comments as well, where you’ve actually told people, you know, we’re here for you. And yeah,

Jenni Otero 31:16
I always ask people will you be my friend? Or I claim them as my friend. I don’t even give them choice. You’re my new friend. Now. Let’s talk.

Danny de Hek 31:24
That’s been awesome having you on now. Do you want to conclude in prayer?

Jenni Otero 31:28
I cannot I did not bring a head covering for this. And I have to go clean the bathrooms immediately. Right?

Danny de Hek 31:39
Well, he’s been naughty and we won’t completely bring it but as I’ve seen, it’s been awesome having you along and I’m going to stop the recording.

Jenni Otero 31:45
Thank you. Bye

Transcribed by Otter

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