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Transcribed by Otter

Welcome along, Matthew. Thank you. Oh my God, I’ve forgotten your last name.

Matthew Mewse 0:15
Oh, well, that’s no good. You better recut that.

Danny de Hek 0:17
Yeah, no i’ll keep it in. It’s good… Mewse, Mewse?

Matthew Mewse 0:21
That’s Right!

Danny de Hek 0:22
And you are the telephone guy?

Matthew Mewse 0:24
I’m the telephone man

Danny de Hek 0:25
Man. See, I’ve already stuffed it up twice.

Matthew Mewse 0:28
That’s all right, Danny. I’m used to working with children and amateurs

Danny de Hek 0:32
I will fit in perfectly, no worries at all.

Matthew Mewse 0:34
I’m only kidding.

Danny de Hek 0:35
I’ve got 12 questions for you.

Matthew Mewse 0:36

Danny de Hek 0:37
And you can answer them any which way or form you like, All right, I’ll do my best. And I don’t really try to answer the same questions twice. I’ve got my questions here. On the back of my cards.

Matthew Mewse 0:46
O, Okay.

Danny de Hek 0:47
I’m gonna actually shuffle them

Matthew Mewse 0:50
That make a difference?

Danny de Hek 0:51
Yeah. I have about 110 odd questions. And I’ve actually got a box of them in the Garage and I, when we come on here today, I thought, Oh, my goodness, my questions are in the in the Garage. And it’s all shut off with my green screen. So I grabbed another handful out of my drawer.

Matthew Mewse 1:05
Don’t know what they are either.

Danny de Hek 1:07
Maybe the questions I took out of the out of the box, As I didn’t want to use them.

Matthew Mewse 1:11

Danny de Hek 1:12
Let’s see. All right, the first question, oh, my goodness, I can’t even say one of the words. What’s one thing about you you want in your Eulogy?

Matthew Mewse 1:22
Well, that’s interesting in my Eulogy, or do you mean on my tombstone?

Danny de Hek 1:27
That might be a better one next time we redo the questions? Maybe like on your tombstone?

Matthew Mewse 1:32
Okay. Um, I think there are lots of glib responses to that. And there are some funny ones as well. But I think I would probably leave my tombstone for my wife to inscribe, right. And as I think about it, she would probably write something like, Here lies, Matthew muse. And he could make a good case. case, a baker,

Danny de Hek 2:02
Brilliant food. I love it. Right? That’s question one down. I just realise you’ve got 30 increase in so you might get one extra. Okay. Now, does your family know anything about your family at all? And that’s how we originally made would have been through the business networking underneath? And

Matthew Mewse 2:19
it was Yes, it was I’m a long standing be Anya, and also very active on things like LinkedIn and everything else. And I’m sure somewhere around there, you sent me an invite to your very first meeting Indonesian with linear and I came along to support because whilst would be nice, we were networkers and we like meeting people. And that was how you and I met? How many years ago? would that have been? It could be

Danny de Hek 2:48
years, but I think it must be four or five. I used to drive from Christchurch to the Needham. That’s right, to run the meeting.

Matthew Mewse 2:56
That’s right. I remember

Danny de Hek 2:58
the year so the question is, does your family have a motto spoken or unspoken? spoken? So what motto? Does your family live by?

Matthew Mewse 3:08
Um, family? Actually, unfortunately? Well, well, my son seems to think it’s have a good time, all of the time. I don’t really have a motto except I suppose it’s a bit of a philosophy about which is that when you give to people you gain, and you get out of something, what you put into it, and and usually effort equals reward.

Danny de Hek 3:35
I actually agree with that. If you put the time and energy into something, you do get something back. For sure. For a lot of people these days in the modern world, I think expect instant results.

Matthew Mewse 3:45
Yes, yes. And I think that’s that the problem with instant results is that they’re not usually sustainable.

Danny de Hek 3:54
No, right. Next question. How do you describe being passionate,

Matthew Mewse 3:59
Passionate? I think it’s about as much as anything else, what it is that calls or talks to you. For me in my business life, it’s a passion for sharing the knowledge that I have with other people and seeing their success on the back of that. In my personal life. I think I’m passionate about many, many different things. I’m passionate. Most of all I would say about the people that I love.

Danny de Hek 4:33
Yeah, that’s correct. I think you’d be working in a job you’re passionate about. You don’t actually feel like you’re working at all. Oh, it was.

Matthew Mewse 4:42
I guess in later years, I understood what the word calling is. I know that’s usually used in different terms. But for me, I’m, I am the telephone man.

Danny de Hek 4:53
Okay, cool. You’ve got a book as well, which we’ll discuss near the end of the

Matthew Mewse 4:57
Two books.

Danny de Hek 4:58
Books was the other one.

Matthew Mewse 5:00
My books I’ve got one I share with Lynette called supersize your sales, which is how you combine the power of the pen and phone when you’re writing anything from proposals or calling people and then I’ve got a dedicated book about the phone called cold calling rules. Yep. And Lynette has got this new book out called link ability, which is a four proven strategies to develop your LinkedIn presence. So we’ve got quite a few books.

Danny de Hek 5:26
I think Linkedin is my favourite social media.

Matthew Mewse 5:30

Danny de Hek 5:31
A lot of noise. Yeah. Okay, now, this is something you probably can’t do at the moment. But if you were able to go on a holiday, would you rather holiday in Hawaii, or Alaska? And why would that be?

Matthew Mewse 5:45
Oh, I’m not great on ice. And polar bears. I’ve seen enough of those on Attenborough. Hawaii, I’ve been. I’ve been there very briefly, and seemed overpriced to me. To be fair, I think I’d probably pick somewhere else. But if I had to pick between the two, it would be the sunshine.

Danny de Hek 6:12
It was the last overseas destination you when to.

Matthew Mewse 6:15
um, I think Vanuatu? Yeah,

Danny de Hek 6:19
I think, Oh, thats a island.

Matthew Mewse 6:21
It is

Danny de Hek 6:22
I think when there in a cruise ship with me. Right?

Matthew Mewse 6:24
You can probably I remember. I remember seeing some of your photographs on Facebook when you’re about in Vanuatu, that rings a bell with me.

Danny de Hek 6:35
I was doing a last minute holiday at Christmas time. And I said to my flatmates if we’re going to get away and I wanted to go to the Philippines and then the travel agent freaked him out by saying that there’s no accommodation there and it’d be really hard last minute and then I said Well, how about the crews? made by Mike went on a cruise and then how

Matthew Mewse 6:51
did you find that? How did you find cruising? Oh,

Danny de Hek 6:54
I think there was a saying on the boat said newly Weds over Feeds and nearly deads.

Matthew Mewse 7:00
I can’t think of anything worse than being stuck for two weeks at the same group of people. I can’t

Danny de Hek 7:05
I reckon the average person puts on a kg a day on the crucial mentally in in a V honest I wouldn’t. Yeah, those pretty we got to the stage where we started doing all the theatre stuff. We went to all the shows and then we did my mate did a Zumba class.

Matthew Mewse 7:24
Oh really?

Danny de Hek 7:26
That was a hoot

Matthew Mewse 7:26
Did that help shift the weight

Danny de Hek 7:30
It was not coordinated because of dyslexia. Yes but one thing we did get everyone on the way no we encourage people to do on the ship was you could walk around the ship three times and it would be a mile.

Matthew Mewse 7:40
Oh really?

Danny de Hek 7:41
Okay. Then every day we decided we walk an extra mile every day that was cruising.

Matthew Mewse 7:46
Which ship were you on?

Danny de Hek 7:48
Princess I think was a princess cruise. I forgot what it’s called had about

Matthew Mewse 7:52
One of my dear friends is an entertainer on the ships. I get to hear a little quite a lot about ship life but from the other side.

Danny de Hek 8:00
Princess Cruises through quite good. But I’ve gotten the one that we’re on diamond maybe I can’t remember. I think they have for every two people they have a person looking after you. Yes that’s quite amazing. I think there was two and a half thousand passengers and 700 people looking after us. Wow. Yeah those a lot usually use a lot to do diesel to by the way. Okay, so aside from the necessities and I’m talking toothbrush and all that sort of stuff. What’s one thing you could not go a day without?

Matthew Mewse 8:33
My tech?

Danny de Hek 8:34
Your tech, good man his little app. It runs it is that the internet wasn’t here life of the great and I disagree with it.

Matthew Mewse 8:41
Well, if the internet wasn’t here, I’d still have tech.

Danny de Hek 8:44
Yeah. What’s your favourite bit of technology?

Matthew Mewse 8:47
It’s hard to say I’m sat here with my new ring light and my ice blue microphone and I’m a bit of a techie person. I don’t have a favourite I mean, I love mine. I’ve got a new s20 as well from Samsung boring stuff that most people find like that. But I am not an apple guy through and through. Okay, so what you do is you pay 25% more for whitebox that’s fine.

Danny de Hek 9:14
Do get started on that sort of stuff. My dog is called Apple iDog

Matthew Mewse 9:20
Oh, you didn’t own a blackberry then I just as well you didn’t own a Blackberry.

Danny de Hek 9:26
Now I’ve got these new Aperture lights. Right and they are amazing. The ring light. Yeah, you want to stretch aperture. There’s four lights in front of me. Yes. And I can make them go like discos and light me up brilliantly. And you can change the colour. got three colours on it and warm, bright lights at the moment half light. That’s all just one my phone good. illogic Good night. What characteristics do you most admire about other people? He’s a good Christian. Is that grit

Matthew Mewse 10:00
Characteristics. Well, I’d like optimism, genuine enthusiasm. I like warmth. I like people who treat me the way they want to be treated. Yeah, I like so many things. It’s such a long list. What I will say is I’ve got a longer list on things I like about people and things I don’t. And that’s a nice feeling to have about the human human race, I think.

Danny de Hek 10:32
Yeah, the human race at the moment, certainly acting and funny. Are some wonderful people out there, Danny? Yeah. It’s just, it’s a different world. I’m interested to see what’s going to be happening over the next couple of years, to see where people take whatever they’ve learned. Hopefully they learn from all this sort of stuff.

Matthew Mewse 10:50
Well, I think I’m a great optimist, and believer in the adaptability of mankind, humankind. I think that our adaptability is one of the things that makes us so successful on this planet, you could argue that we’re too successful. Maybe some of these things get balanced out over time, who can tell that’s a really difficult picture or paint and look at it in the future. But I do know, I have some connections, who are what they call futurists, I didn’t even know that was an occupation until I met them. Right. And they talked very much about prior to the pandemic, they were talking very much about how AI was going to be so influential in the future. Well, it’s already here. So where that’s going to go, is going to probably be as much of a challenge to the human race, as it is to an asset. So we’ll see.

Danny de Hek 11:55
Now, watching, like you. Email is something I’m trying to phase myself out of in making everything alive, right? Even this video with that. The video that we’re doing at the moment is getting scribed into text. Yes. And basically, I can do that as we talk. At the end of this conversation, I have a whole lot of content that I can put on my website. The site that does that is called Otter.ai

Matthew Mewse 12:24
Okay, I’ll write that down.

Danny de Hek 12:26
It’s brilliant. I’ve been the notes, but it’s um, it’s really good stuff. But he’s gonna think, well, it’s pretty scary in a way because what I’m doing now, instead of I’m a blogger, I’ve done about 1000 blogs. Yes. And I’m now voicing them into a video. And then I’m it’s writing the blog the way I want to say it. So now I’m working my voice to make sure I’m pronouncing my words correctly. I like one word I can’t say is, does does it?

Matthew Mewse 12:52
Is it intelligent route to your voice specifically?

Danny de Hek 12:56
No, it’s just picking up voices. So when I ran my Think Tank meeting today, I had 12 people. And each time they speak to people over speaking doesn’t help. But it’s not polite. So eventually, they’ll get better edit, and listen to the voice. And then the next time I do my next meeting, it remembers what I learned from the voices previously, and it will pick up the voices and match it to the text.

Matthew Mewse 13:20
Great stuff. I love it.

Danny de Hek 13:22
Yeah, just where it’s going is quite exciting. Really. Yes, it is. Okay, we would you like to get your clients from?

Matthew Mewse 13:29
Where do I like to? Do you mean? Where are my inquiries come from?

Danny de Hek 13:33
Now? Where would you like to get them from? Like, what type of clients? Would you like to knock on your door? If I’m coming knocking on your door?

Matthew Mewse 13:39
Oh, I’m very lucky. I already have a client list of clients that come along the way I’d like them to, which is usually by referral. Or they have seen me speak at conference and they come and say, I really like what you said there, can you do something to help my team. So I’m very lucky in the sense that all of my inquiries come from, I guess just being able to be the telephone man, whether that’s doing things like this, or whether it’s my presence on the social media platforms, or my series of videos or all streams that I have out there seem to attract the inquiry and my clients. Some of them are based overseas, some of them are in New Zealand, so I really couldn’t wish for more.

Danny de Hek 14:29
Okay, it’s cool. like the sound of that. I think it’s by association, the people you hang around, you can work with those people.

Matthew Mewse 14:37
I think that’s true to a degree. But I think it also you have to some stage except that the body of work that you have produced stands up to scrutiny. Because if you create a body of work and you have an archive, and you can show that sitting over your shoulder, our whole group of people who have used that library And those particular products or techniques and been successful, then you realise that you are. There’s no room for fraud syndrome, about how you might feel about your own self and product because you’ve already got a legion behind you that have stood up and said, Hey, that works. So it’s a bit of confidence. I think that comes from from that.

Danny de Hek 15:22
Love it. What was the last movie? You went to now not watched on Netflix?

Matthew Mewse 15:28
Last movie, I went to Oh, gosh, the last movie I went to get an experience of the samsara. I don’t even know what that movie was. Well, I would recommend that if you like it’s a bit of an arthouse movie, but it’s actually quite relevant to where we are right now. It’s about seven years old, maybe. And it’s filmed across five continents over five years. And it’s got no script. It’s purely visual and sound. Well, and it starts off as a journey, if you like, of humanity, and it’s about an hour and 14 minutes. And if you have access to other chat platforms, I don’t think it’s available on Netflix. But any of those others that we’re not allowed to really efficiently look at you I’m sure you’ll find sansara

Danny de Hek 16:24
Right. All right. Excellent. Love it. Okay, what makes you laugh the most

Matthew Mewse 16:31
Comedy, people, people make me laugh. You hear the funniest see the funniest things. Something funny. I went to my woodshed this morning. First thing the woodshed is a big producer in town of firewood. And so you drive in and there’s all the lads are all there on their trucks and they’re all there on their diggers and there’s wood piled up everywhere that you look. And I’ve got to know them quite well. And I pulled in this morning at about 815. And there were three of them in the corner having a cup of tea and I walked over and I said well, how’s it going guys? And they said, Oh, we just said a funny thing happened this morning. I said what what was funny, he said, Well, it’s old fellow arrived quite an awful lot older than me. He said, Are you a little bit older? And he got out of the car and he had his mask on his daddy’s gloves on. And he had a capon as you do. And I. And he said he then proceeded to load all the wood into the back of his vehicle. And by the time he loaded the wood into the back of his vehicle, his mask was ripped. He’s gone. And I was hanging off being like, and I had this image of this poor fella trying to do the right thing. Probably has never done the word run before. So people make me laugh Danny and comedy if I had a favourite comedian, it would be someone like PeterK

Danny de Hek 17:57
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I used to like John Cleese a lot. Right. I still remember him wanting to whip his car. And he said, the count of three. Yes. I don’t know. Good stuff. Right. Okay, we’re in the world. We might have already covered something like this. Where in the world would you travel to next? I think we asked that question a little too.

Matthew Mewse 18:18
Next. We kind of done that one. But I think all bets are off at the moment.

Danny de Hek 18:26
Yeah, it is funny. Like I think travel might start up again. I speak to I don’t know if you’ve met a guy by the name of Brent Ruru. But he’s um, bike the length of New Zealand walked the length of New Zealand. And then he went to Canada and biked across Canada on a tandem bike with his wife walked the Camino trail. And I bumped into him on Monday at a cafe. And he said he’s just got himself a full time job. And I see so we you travelling to next. And he says I love travelling so much. And it was just amazing. He’s got no real plans to travel when he’s a big traveller.

Matthew Mewse 19:01
It’s funny, you know, I about travel. Um, as you know, I’m based in donations, but I get to travel all over the place, usually. And that’s why the wonderful thing like I said earlier on about tech, I love tech here, you and I are you’re in Christ Church, and I’m Indonesian. And it’s like, we’re in the same room again, you know, like we normally are when we connect. But I think a lot of people are discovering new zealand as their home and backyard. I see that down here. And when I travel it in my small bubbles, and I hear it anecdotally that there are a lot of New Zealanders travelling around the country and exploring it. Or they might have gone to Fiji, they might have gone to Australia and might have gone to done the European experience. But they’d never been to somewhere, you know, in the middle of the north or the middle of the south or the bottom or wherever. So, I think again, it’s on the more positive side of things. I think such an opportunity to reengage with this amazing country that they have it is like the Tourist Board but I just love the place it’s so

Danny de Hek 20:10
My parnter and I, we went to Moeraki boulders cafe, Township and we did. We managed to get a last minute reservation at Fleurs Place. So yes, and and, you know, I could live in this space and I think it’s not that far away. And then we go to Oamaru a lot. And then we finished up in Naseby, Alexandra. We keep going for these little mini trips. Yeah. So now we are lucky.

Matthew Mewse 20:38
It’s a great thing to be able to suddenly realise that you have a destination on your doorstep instead of an airport ride.

Danny de Hek 20:48
Yeah, I went to China, Bangladesh and India over Christmas.

Matthew Mewse 20:53

Danny de Hek 20:53
And we’re so lucky. So

Matthew Mewse 20:56
I know. I totally agree with that.

Danny de Hek 21:00
Okay, we got what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Matthew Mewse 21:04
What motivates me to get out of bed in the morning? Well, Sam, I feel like I’m repeating myself really. It’s the people I work with the people that I like to surround myself with. And I live in a wonderful house the best house I’ve ever lived in and we live on a harbour views. And it means I get to see a train a boat, a plane helicopter, cars and trucks every single day. I’m going right past my window which overlooks the furniture. So what gets me out of bed in the morning is life.

Danny de Hek 21:39
Right over the road from you. Is it valance? castle? Was it where you are opposite? Yeah. Granite castles

Matthew Mewse 21:44
Opposite and down slightly.

Danny de Hek 21:45
It was a city at the end. I mean, there’s not a city but what’s the town at the very end of that road that you go down because we went there.

Matthew Mewse 21:52
Oh, Karis Bay

Danny de Hek 21:55
Must be, has a port and ship in the Bay. Yeah,

Matthew Mewse 21:57
Has a little pub in the corner and the that’s all the cruise ships come in is usually and containers that’s Karis base. So that’s about 10 minutes up the coast that way and Dan Eden’s about four minutes that way.

Danny de Hek 22:10
So it is a beautiful place, and it’s good. I used to always go to Dunedin and write. And I never went on that side. And never discovered it until I got a bit older. And I think I turned up at nylex Castle river drive one night from the start there and 11 o’clock at night. Yes, it’s a lovely place, the drive, you know, and then you think, Oh, well, you just don’t see the right palette and eat and deer.

Matthew Mewse 22:29
Yeah, that’s true. Yeah.

Danny de Hek 22:31
Last question. And then we’ll ask you what you’re doing who you are, what your hobbies

Matthew Mewse 22:37
Right. Okay. So my hobbies are pretty much gardening. Now when I say gardening, what I have to say is that I am a little further down the scale from the head gardener. Yeah. I’m more sort of in the the labour side. Yeah, your management is the head gardener. And I do all that other stuff. But I have to say the gardens are looking fantastic. In terms of past time. I’m a great fisherman, but there’s nothing to catch down here because it’s so damn cold. So I don’t do much fishing anymore. But I am a football fan. So I have a subscription to the English Premier League, which I digest at weekends as much as I can.

Danny de Hek 23:25
Yeah, good stuff. going to the rugby today I’ve been doing I don’t go to rugby match. But we’ve got some free tickets to go to rugby today, but it’s gonna be funny getting out with a bunch of people.

Matthew Mewse 23:36
I struggle with that game. Danny I of course I really given it a good go because I consider myself and probably tell that as you know, I’m, I’m English. But I’ve been here in New Zealand resident for over 30 years and I think you’ve got to embrace the cultural sports and icons that are out there. I’ve tried with rugby, I just can’t quite get there.

Danny de Hek 24:01
If you like the round ball, yeah, round ball flat surface, is there a great skill because kicking the rugby ball doesn’t make sense on the on the ground?

Matthew Mewse 24:09
I still can’t work out what they’re doing. I know it’s me. I know. It’s a fantastic game. It’s just an I’ve been to loads and I always enjoyed the crowd To be fair, especially Kiwis. They’re so passionate about it.

Danny de Hek 24:24
I don’t follow much sport, but over there to get. I think I don’t even think I’ve been to a All Black game in my life. But

Matthew Mewse 24:30
Oh, you should go to one. Very different from a normal guy. It’s very different. But yeah, no, it’s so i have i would say cooking is pretty high up there. I’m Jamie. Yeah, I’m a bit of a foodie. I don’t mean fasci nonsense, but I just mean proper food cooked well.

Danny de Hek 24:54
Well, I tell you something that Helen and I have added with them when I came back from India. He suggested that we went vegetarian. Oh, really? And then we listened to a Netflix documentary called the game changer. Right. And they talked about adopting a plant based diet, which is basically a vegan. Yes. We’ve been doing it for the last 11 months. How’s that going? Oh, give me No, I’m fine. But I’ve actually really enjoyed it. And I, I have a lot more what I feel like I’m healthier, but I’m gluten free as well. So it doesn’t help. Yeah, the funny thing is, when I get we go into a restaurant, and you say you’re vegan, they kind of go off. And then I say that I’m gluten free, and they go, Ah, and then I’m just flicks and I can’t read the menu. It means let me go, I could eat.

Matthew Mewse 25:45
Well, do you? Do you eat eggs?

Danny de Hek 25:48
No, no.

Matthew Mewse 25:49
Wow. That’s really weird. And I can I can imagine, of course I can. I’m trying to while you while you’re talking to me. I’m thinking, well, if Danny came to my house, what can I make him? Think all the things that I make? And I I’d have to realise I just have to make something event a salad.

Danny de Hek 26:08
Yeah, it’s funny. But yeah, we get one of those food bag thingies dropped off. And that helps us keep us on three, four meals a week? I mean, you’ve come along here today. And you’ve answered my 12 question. And hopefully you feel relaxed, and at one with the world.

Matthew Mewse 26:25
I’m not sure whether I didn’t feel like that already. But I’ll say it’s been a very interest I, Danny, I have to say, I’ve been on a lot of podcasts. And I’m very lucky to get invited on quite a few. It’s one of those one where I have ever been put on the spot by the host has said right? We’re now we’re we’re not going to have a script, we’re not going to do anything. All I’m going to do is ask you some questions. And so that’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed it. Thank you.

Danny de Hek 26:50
It’s right now, can you tell us a little bit about you like what do you actually do? Like, okay,

Matthew Mewse 26:55
Would you like the elevator pitch? Would you like that? Okay,

Danny de Hek 26:59
Can do because at the end of the day, we pull up all the dots of all the questions I’ve asked you. So people are trying to figure out who is this guy? And what does he do? And why is he so passionate about what he does? Okay,

Matthew Mewse 27:08
So I’m Matthew Mewse. I’m the telephone man. I’m a business by phone specialist. I’m a telephone skills trainer. And I help people get more of the word that they want to hear every single day in business on the telephone. And that word is Yes.

Danny de Hek 27:27
Wow. Just like that. And you’re a publisher of two books. I didn’t realise you had two books. Yeah. And your wife, Lynnaire. It is also an air. Yes. And she’s got a book as well.

Matthew Mewse 27:38
Yes, she has a book was just been launched. She’s got a book launch next week on LinkedIn. And it’s called Link.Ability. And it’s it’s not a starters book. And it’s for people that really have, I would say, anybody who’s out there been a LinkedIn user, it’s about how to use four strategies to improve everything you do and get more connections to get more presence. And ultimately, let’s be fair, more business. And so the books been going grateful in air. She’s She’s on on fire with it, really. And I’m hoping that at some stage you and she’ll have the chat.

Danny de Hek 28:19
And I definitely the other one is, I tell people, I went to the chiropractor the other day, because I’ve got a terrible back at the moment. And he come out of a book. And I and I get a phobia when I see people books, because I think they want me to read them. And I’ve never read a book in my life, literally. And then the next time it does me put it in the same book and he says, I’ll give you this to read while you’re getting some electrics on your back, and I’m going Oh, look, man, I’m dyslexic, and I don’t read this, and I’m just I’m dyslexic as well. And I said, I don’t I don’t read books, I said, but this one has pictures, and that’s why I picked it. Then I thought brilliant. That was really hard case. But that’s what do audiobooks I love.

Matthew Mewse 29:01
Well, well, as I said to you before we started this chat today, I’ll send you a Lynnaire was we’re gonna send you a hardcopy and I said to Lynnaire don’t send Danny a hardcopy like an audio. Apart from the fact that you as you mentioned, you’re dyslexic, you’re probably a lot like me as well, Danny in the sense that you like to listen to things while you’re on the go. And that’s what I do as well. I listen to a lot of audiobooks. And so Lynnaire has transcribed it all into obviously, it’s, it’s all she’s got it on all the platforms and everything else, but Link-Ability are an audiobook as well. And that was interesting. Having that recorded. The house was relatively quiet for several hours as you can imagine. So, um, but I’ll make sure that you get a copy of

Danny de Hek 29:46
that I think very much and it’d be awesome. I listen to it and I do listen to them in my car. A lot. Funny enough. I never understood when people would say that they would go to a movie, and they’ll come out and they’d say the book was better. Yeah, I thought I just can’t comprehend it and then I the first audiobook I ever listened to was the autobiography of Anthony ketose from the red hot chilli peppers. Oh, yes. And oh my goodness. So first time I felt like an issue realise why people spend all the time reading these terrible books. And it was just such a brilliant book. And that’s got me I’ve probably got about 100 audiobooks now that I listen to some of them I listen to over and over again.

Matthew Mewse 30:24
Yeah, yeah, I’m not so good. foresee some of the, you know, there are some fantastically powerful things. I think it’s why people sometimes read a book four or five times. Sometimes they’ll watch a movie three or four times because there’s something there that’s just for them. But I think the thing The great thing about an audiobook is that generally, rarely unless you’re listening to some of the classics, they rarely word for word their original vocalisation or of the theme of the book sometimes. I think the Narrows has done this pretty close to to the book, it was that was her plan because she her background in broadcasting means that she’s got one of those voices that hopefully are nice to listen to. Well, I I am I am her husband but biassed.

Danny de Hek 31:11
When I listen to Richard Branson’s book, I think the third book, he didn’t voice it himself. And I think that changed my feeling or listen to other books. Right? Yeah, it’s got an add. I mean, some people can. Yes. What’s your website address? Matthew

Matthew Mewse 31:25
My website address is supersizeyoursales.com

Danny de Hek 31:30
Well done. Oh, indeed here but thank you once again for coming along.

Matthew Mewse 31:34
Hey, lovely to talk to you, Danny. And I’ve enjoyed it. It’s it’s been emotional.

Danny de Hek 31:40
Good, good stuff.

Transcribed by Otter

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