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Transcribed by Otter

Danny de Hek 0:00
Welcome to ELITE : SIX business networking Think Tank facilitated by your host, Danny de Hek. The place where decision makers come together to share their experience, knowledge and skills. So welcome along to elite setters meeting. If you just joined us, by all means, scroll down to the page and you’ll see how to access the room if you don’t know how.

Hello Matt how are you well, no sound there, but that’s okay. That’s right. You’re on mute. Don’t worry, you’re all good.

All right. For the millions to tune up here they’re all coming in droves now. Full Screen. Excellent. Full Screen just trying to finish off a few little things.

Penny Betts 1:11
How are you?

Helen Oakes 1:13
How are you?

Penny Betts 1:14
I’m good. Thank you. Good. I haven’t seen you for a while.

Danny de Hek 1:21
Or you might have got taken away by a big whale.

Penny Betts 1:28
it would make the news that’s all. It really

Danny de Hek 1:32
Done that really happening?

Penny Betts 1:38
Or someone he got taken out by way a few years ago? Yeah. He was trying to say but it was caught up. It was a humpback whale. He dived into and he’d saved quite a few No, untangle it.

Danny de Hek 1:49

Penny Betts 1:50
It flipped its tail. And that was the last that was ever seen of him.

Helen Oakes 1:54
Uh no.

Penny Betts 1:55
It was awful. It was horrible. But he was his wife is pregnant and Yeah yeah

Danny de Hek 2:06
That’s a good story to start the day on.

the good one? Yes.

Penny Betts 2:17

Danny de Hek 2:18
Mark as I see you I see you nicey nice

Penny Betts 2:22
So as always screaming Hello Mark

Mark Scown 2:27
Hi Penny, how you feeling now?

Penny Betts 2:29
Oh but I came in to text you sorry and apologise. Yeah I ended up in hospital that day

Mark Scown 2:35
O dear you were not looking flash, My apologies for just dropping by and announced

Penny Betts 2:41
It was good to see you I just couldn’t show you the appreciation

Danny de Hek 2:45
That visiting people Matt because we don’t pop the bubble and say hello

David wearing a sports jackets today trying to look flash

David Clarkson 2:58
Doing my best Danny gotta get myself organised though.

Danny de Hek 3:03
Yeah. Trying to do that we’ve got apple in the in here today, spent all day yesterday trying to get a fireball out of his throat. He’s having a better day today than he was the other day. We totally got away with it, then we think visitors turned up made somebody come to the house to speak to them any back to the American. That was the moment that his life got back to normal.

It was like, I just watched it, and we go, we get it, we get it. And then if Google it’s like all the time, five minutes. That’s good. We’ve got a good crew. So it’s nice. Thank you very much. All right.

So welcome along to our Think Tank meeting will officially start the meeting. And I’m going to get people to go and introduce themselves today because I don’t think everyone knows everyone here. They might do we might be close. So I’m Paul.

Paul Starling 3:50
I think I know everyone, Paul Starling carry computers and we try to make small businesses computing IT as painless as possible. keep them up to date, keep them patched, and keep them backed up.

Danny de Hek 4:12
So I think Helen, what do you do?

Helen Oakes 4:14
I’m Helen Mode de vie. And I’ve actually rebranded my, my business. It’s now just Mode de vie, not Mode de vie Photography, because I’m now incorporating other things into my business. So yeah and I shoot portraits, landscapes, sports, and I’m working on doing some workshops.

to know

Danny de Hek 4:37
Matt James,

Matt James 4:40
I am so I’m Matt James. I am a small business navigators business coach, business consultant based Rangiora with my wife.


Danny de Hek 4:50

She think you’re a good husband?

Matt James 4:53
Yeah, it’s great day to day, isn’t it?

Mark Scown 4:56
I know Danny, and that’s questionable. Sometimes.

Danny de Hek 4:59
Good to ask the third person

Matt James 5:02
Thanks Mark, good save

Danny de Hek 5:05

Penny Betts 5:07
I’m Penny bits I live in Korea and I own Giga gears clothing store fit import from Bali Thailand in Nepal and have a business in the Maldives that we can’t do anything with at the moment

Danny de Hek 5:24
That terrible disaster that affect the area that you visit in the Maldives.

Oil tanker right Russia richest merchant less

Mark Scown 5:42
about 2000 k

Danny de Hek 5:44
quiet the cheap seats. Okay Jude

Jude Stirling 5:47
Save ya Danny give you a shovel to dig yourself out? Absolutely. Jude Stirling cruch accounting services

We provide bookkeeping accounting and business advisory services to small to medium sized businesses throughout Christchurch greater Christchurch, South Island, North Island. And we’ve got some people living in Ozzie that we really don’t know what we’re doing with but you know, we just wing it as we go along. What we don’t know we find out.

Danny de Hek 6:21
Yes, there’s a good trip read a book about that just recently. That’s exactly what I said today.

We had a meeting guy that once

David Clarkson, what are you eating for breakfast?

David Clarkson 6:35
Having my light Mosley thank you very much steady.

No, David Clarkson from dynamic communication. We build more confident, more competent, more credible communicators. Basically, we are a training company that trains people in public speaking and business presentation skills.

Danny de Hek 6:56
That is cool we’re getting you to help us

Without podcasting at the moment, which I’m quite looking forward to thank you

sir that guy with the beard this guy Steven

Helen Oakes 7:09
Steven doesn’t have a beard

Danny de Hek 7:10
I know it’s just pulling that’s just doing Marks head in

Stephen Fitzgerald 7:19
mine architectural practice thing but still architecture at the moment we’re specialising in new products and architectural development and basically interested in dynamic loving sustainability working with anybody to improve aspects of the existing houses, new houses in desperation, so we tried to exceed client’s expectations and we start here and we go are you in a different office? Same office, nothing like that.

Danny de Hek 7:54
See, different picture, the screen you see, except right and mark. Last but not least

Mark Scown 8:00
Yeah, Max can insurance broadcast from monetary services limited, which is mine company and been working out on my own now since the beginning of March, which has been great. So four years into my insurance career After many years of being a school principal. But what I specialise in is around the personal risk in small business

covered with a speciality of ensuring sustainability and affordability of premiums through a combination of levelling versus steep structures to save people. Lots of money going forward over the decades to come.

Danny de Hek 8:38
Cool. Not on you know, thank you, Matt. Laughlin, you’re not walking around the streets of Wellington. So hot on you. You must be back home.

Lachlan McNeill 8:48
Yes, right. Yes, it back back in the crib. Yeah, now that sort of that did receptionist rubbish last time, wasn’t it? I was stuck between some tall buildings in those areas,

Danny de Hek 9:00
just introducing ourselves. That’s your turn.

Lachlan McNeill 9:03
That’s it. I’ve blown it. Yeah. Okay, so what am I, I’m a squat. The scruffy looking recruiter today actually means that the shape of a trash bag this morning.

Mark Scown 9:12
Would you employ that man?

Lachlan McNeill 9:15
No, I wouldn’t. Look, I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t apply myself. I would spend all the time beating other people, but my goodness, I certainly wouldn’t apply myself. I’m just all over the place sometimes. 10 minutes ago, I’m just about to go on the zoom thing I got distracted.


Now I’m a recruiter, a technical recruiter equipped for engineers and attics, like I’m working a lot in the renewable energy space. And it’s quite hard to do because all the projects around are in place like Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Fiji and stuff like that, and so nobody can get there. That’s kind of boring for my clients sitting in a room staring themselves. So but I also do a little work in the sort of high tech construction industry as well.

Interesting sort of work I recruit for and I quite enjoy it. Everyone’s cleverer than me, so they say you become it assemble your friends so hopefully that I’ll build my intelligence by doing this job.

Danny de Hek 10:05
Now good Anya and am I invited a visitor along today and I cannot pronounce your your names and just a quick introduction so people know who you are right?

Umakant Chaudhari 10:14
This is Umakant Chaudhari I hope you can hear me. Yep,

Danny de Hek 10:18
Biggested asked question on every speech.

Yep, don’t play with it muted.

Tell us your name and whereabouts you live.

Umakant Chaudhari 10:31
Yeah, I’m am Umakant Chaudhari, I live in Ireland near University. I used to host tourists. Before the covert lockdown. I was one of the biggest Airbnb or booking.com homestay provider. I also do some other businesses but mostly small businesses. And I also work as a disability support worker and I started trading again after 15 years in the stock market.

Danny de Hek 11:00
Oh, cool. Excellent. Well, welcome along. So if you’re not used to our format, or explain how that works in a second, I’ll just try to do a screen share here. Make sure I get the right screen. I don’t really want to show you my Xero account, if that might pick up.

Judy ears. So what we’ve got here is a mind map. And the mind map is basically we’re going to talk about side hustles today. So a lot of people are reinventing themselves at the moment. So I just thought that we’re talking about perhaps last week, I gave you all a challenge to come up with some side hustles things that you could potentially do outside your business framework, to be honest, if that makes sense. So give me a couple of examples. I help somebody set up the Google G Suite. It took a couple of hours and i did it over ZOOM and then I thought, Why can I offer that as a service? So I put that on my resume. site, charge a couple hundred dollars for it and have people come along, pitches it and use my product or service. And I’ve been challenging Helen.

As she comes along, just do that I just want to explain. So in the mind map, we’ve got four, four paths of the meeting, we’ve got people’s experiences, people’s problems with potentially creating a side hustle, some solutions that we could employ. And then at the end of the meeting, we talk about the takeaways that we can get. And then we come up with a topic for next week’s meeting to entice you to come back. So probably Helen was going to type something in there. I don’t know what it was, but let’s see what she was gonna put in the window. But yeah, so what about you guys? Have you got any side hustles that you’re doing at the moment, or something you’ve morphed into, in recent times

Matt James 12:51
Male modelling I do the before pictures I’ve got

Mark Scown 13:01
pole dancing man

Stephen Fitzgerald 13:03
mantel sent within the post.

Lachlan McNeill 13:08
That’s right. Exactly. I’m a Korea pack.

Danny de Hek 13:14

Lachlan McNeill 13:16
Well, I could kick it off because I’m I’m obviously recruited. But when things stopped I, I’ve always helped people with CDs and career guidance. So I really concentrated a bit on doing CDs for people. And that’s been quite a bit of fun. I hate trying to format tables and stuff like that, but I’m quite good at getting a CV that works well. So that’s a nice little line. I’m going to be keeping that going. Actually.

Danny de Hek 13:42
I CV cool. Now remember, there’s a checkbox so if you’d like you can put those comments in the air.

Lachlan McNeill 13:51
Cool. I did pop a little comment in there just to remind you that is not quite the right way spell hustles

Danny de Hek 14:00
Okay, so how do we spell it?

Lachlan McNeill 14:01
I put it through it in your chat.

Danny de Hek 14:04
Just want me to put it as scrapes now you

Lachlan McNeill 14:08
attach it to your other to your alter ego. Oh, you want me to open up another window just just to put a T is did the last day? Yes You too Yeah, I see it with

Mark Scown 14:20
fresh eyes hassles is probably more

Danny de Hek 14:24
there a magazine like a porn magazine called hustles I

Lachlan McNeill 14:30
couldn’t possibly call it

Umakant Chaudhari 14:33
a hustler.

Danny de Hek 14:37

Lachlan McNeill 14:40
But that’s that’s an answer. You always want to get wrong.

Danny de Hek 14:44
All right, yeah, I don’t know what what does it need? What does he say?

Helen Oakes 14:47
What did you say? Look it up CV’s for people is

Lachlan McNeill 14:54
nothing to do that

Stephen Fitzgerald 14:55
one that I’m working with recently as new product development. So you know, in Architecture we’ve worked a lot with sustainable buildings and using what’s out there to do the most sustainable concepts and developments. But in that process, that’s mean we have been looking at new products that can come into the market that will actually make it even better than one of those. So that’s the development of human and in architecture and building and building components. So rather than working with what you got, it’s moving forward into new products with it’s probably a really good interesting thing it’s a because a side hustles are actually about recreating yourself and looking for new opportunities.

Danny de Hek 15:37
key words who coughed on meeting

Stephen Fitzgerald 15:40
say him crit you’re talking about stealing? Yes, well him full stop but him crate as the main product and also him ventilation in boards. Okay, and using that as a basis, so that’s where we’re developing a new product range at the moment. It’s not a new products been done for thousands of years. You know from the truck first for the Chinese but the French used for the redevelopment and restoration of their old buildings. So where they had plastered sort of Tudor style buildings where you had exposed timber work then they needed a new product to fulfil it and they investigated him Ben have developed team to a new level and I’ve set the new standard.

Mark Scown 16:25
Alright, what to replace timber the neck?

Stephen Fitzgerald 16:28
No you it’s to replace the whole plastic insulation system. So you need a primary structure but him create as a wall, you you encapsulate the timber up with about 100 mils on either side of that so that becomes your insulation you will structure your bracing and the product for plastering, finishing both sides so it does a lot of things at once. So the lime protects covers and protects the timber and gives it longevity. So you know we may be able to start using it treated timbers again get rid of the toxins and the treatments of all the timbers right so it’s got a lot of potential so it’s it’s a very interesting process and it is time consuming with weapons and understanding it so it’s good research

Danny de Hek 17:17
good stuff and no collide the middle class that’s what we talked about last time was no.

Helen Oakes 17:23
Yeah. Steven Are you one of the first getting under him? Or is like my sons my sons

Stephen Fitzgerald 17:29
developed it so they’ve been we’ve been involved he was helping the construction of firsthand building the moniker in the south islands so we’re leading the field with its development and use so you’re working with a lot of new consultants that are working outside of the square to to develop the product. Yeah, cow but him. him creators the waste product of the hemp plant. It’s the central core that they usually discard cheaply. Yeah, and they they take off the outside of the store for him clothing but the inside all the fibres are used in the him Craig

Mark Scown 18:05
is all about that there’s a magic card when you put concrete mix

Stephen Fitzgerald 18:10
years because that binds it together like a like a fibreglass. Yeah. Huh. And braids, you know Braves that stores toxins you know it does a lot of good things outside of just you know, the more you look into it, the better the bit of value it’s got

Danny de Hek 18:25
really breathe

Lachlan McNeill 18:28
Yep, that’s like it’s like it’s like you used to put the horse here and stuff into lime plasters that but like that,

Stephen Fitzgerald 18:34
yeah, it is a bit like that. But outside of this, there’s a huge focus in younger generations that they’re looking for spaces that are meditative. So the concept of hymns also, you know, a lot of hippies and like minded sort of people have driven us in the past, but a lot of people are looking for places to meditate and one of the concepts in this is that they want to remove themselves from sound and Light and the hemp has a very high absorption quality of of all of that. So they are looking for spices to be able to for well being to be able to meet a titan as well as loving. Okay, so there’s an interesting moment there with the young generation well

Danny de Hek 19:21
Right opinions, ideas, opinions idea because you bet your ID opinion

Penny Betts 19:27
about my idea. I am I did a challenge about three weeks ago with some a whole group of people overseas that are into doing retreats and that retreats for next year. And they can be yoga photography. They can be just anything that you want kind of retreats. So I’ve kind of there’s a woman in Europe that has got some retreat leaders wanting me to get them spaces in the Maldives and Sri Lanka for next year so they can bring the the students And I’m looking at buying a villa and flamenco and I’ve sort of said to her, Well, I’m still in the process of actually purchasing that place or looking into finding that place. So it’s kind of I guess it’s getting the people wanting to come before even get the villa is actually really cool. But there is a demand going to be there once we can get out of the country. And yeah, and then that’s leads me to I’ve actually just signed up for yoga teacher training, which starts in October online training. So I’m not I’m not a super flexible, you know, I’m n ot a super flexible person, but I don’t think I can. Yes.

Helen Oakes 20:44
okay. You do the online yoga training, who’s the person

Penny Betts 20:50
I had three places that I looked at, I sort of it’s just funny how things come about, especially a woman a girl in America. And she is best friends with my daughter. My daughter goes to majestic church in Christchurch and does swarm hip hop dancing. Okay. And this woman in America is best friends with the church leader. And question. Yeah. Which Oh, yeah, I didn’t really realise all that. So. Yeah. She’s a young woman. Yeah. She’s she looks like she’s got a good following. And I liked what she was doing. I liked what she had the content she had, and the yoga course really resonated with me. Yeah. That’s deep into the fear.

Helen Oakes 21:37
Oh, yeah, you have to do that.

Danny de Hek 21:40
Yeah. All right. Anyway, let’s go. So what we’re talking about, we’re talking about people’s experiences with side hustles

Lachlan McNeill 21:47
or my cat must have something is sitting there pondering which one I was going to talk about.

Umakant Chaudhari 21:53
Yeah, so I started trading in the stock markets when the coverts this situation started it started from March and 23rd of March, the stock market in New Zealand collapsed almost many points. And I began investing why shares he shares he is one of the cheapest broker you can buy. It’s all online, it’s very easy to sign up. And I registered with them. And as I invested some money when the stocks were quite low, and this was from the past experience trading in the Indian stock market, I was trading when I was 19 years old, I was intraday trader, it means intraday, it means you buy a stock in the morning or sometime in the day and then you sell before the closing bell so you just trade for a single day. But in the New Zealand market, the liquidity is low so I was trading as a swing trader swing trader is someone who is buys a stock and holds it for a day. It some or even can be few months. For me, it was few weeks. And now I have started investing in the American stock market was take. It’s an Australian broker and also through American bloc brokers, which are TD Ameritrade. They have a platform called think and swim. It’s one of the biggest platforms for professional traders. And there is a platform called tasty treat. It’s for people who do futures and options. I won’t be doing futures and options, but I wouldn’t be just doing intraday but in the American markets. And the problem with the American markets is they start at 1:30am New Zealand time and in the winters and in the summers. They start at 3:30am in the morning. That’s the only gripe about the American markets, but they are the most mature Your markets and they’re also the cheap one of the cheapest markets to trade in the sense that they don’t charge you any commission it’s free to trade the government regulatory fees are very minor so you you save a lot of money on commissions compared to New Zealand and plus on top of that it has a lot of liquidity and there are lots of good American companies there is a there is a company called Tesla it’s a doing a runner now it the last time I invested in Tesla it’s around 40 50% high

Danny de Hek 24:36
and that’s good man. They must watching a tick tock funny enough this morning there we can tic tocs started Tesla is about to split. Yes. Yeah. So now on by about two weeks and after the split, something like that, but that’s what that was. So

Helen Oakes 24:51
if you were just starting to try it would you recommend Jeezy’s like I don’t know anything about share trading, but I’m keen to get into Yeezys

Umakant Chaudhari 25:01
shares the The only problem there are a few problems with shares it they are one of the cheapest but

amini account is basically shares he has another company which acts as a nominee, you don’t have your ESN number, it’s basically a stock stock broker will assign you an individual number, thus shares are not assigned to you in shirtsy. So that’s the issue and the other thing is there are around 60 to 70 stocks which are fairly liquid and you don’t have any other options and the liquidity is is very low liquidity means that when you sell a stop, they are less buyers when you try to buy a stock there are less sellers in the New Zealand market. And I also found and I feel are one of the other issues which says he says these is they generally try to trade the stocks internally. It’s means when you try to sell a stock, they will try to route the order among their own customers, which makes selling very hard. And you will not get a right price for your stock.

Lachlan McNeill 26:13
But the American market Sorry, sorry. Yeah, it’s

Umakant Chaudhari 26:16
not a bad platform if you’re investing for a long term.

Lachlan McNeill 26:20
Yeah. But if you want us to start with a couple of thousand dollars, would you just go straight to the American market name?

Umakant Chaudhari 26:27
Yes, if you are planning to invest quite a significant sum of money, and if and if you are ready to learn a little bit, and and you don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night for trading the stock American market is is the one for you.

Danny de Hek 26:45
Right, okay. I’m just gonna flick on to a different screen because just recently I got five grand and checked it into, into generate a thing called generate wealth and I put five thousand dollars in there. And it went down over,

Lachlan McNeill 27:02
locked down to I think for four.

Danny de Hek 27:05
And now it’s gone back up to 5000 you know, basically got $270 out of it. But what they do is they obviously it’s a shared fund and it’s got all the American companies ironically. And now the ones that are updating but everyday you can log on there and it will tell you how you’re doing. And it’s quite good really but that was just having money that when I read up about it, it seemed it was practically about 17% interest per year if the Platt right but I didn’t really know how to do some money. So I thought I’ll just drop five grand in there. And also there was harmony. I don’t know if any of us tried harmony.

Lachlan McNeill 27:43
Okay, but I just money in big schemes. Yes.

Umakant Chaudhari 27:47
A harmony is a peer to peer lending scheme. Yes, it can be a bit risky because you’re lending to maybe unsecure dinners or something.

Lachlan McNeill 27:57
But, but oh my god just just couldn’t back it up.

Danny de Hek 28:00
Sorry my carry on being here to go because her daughter was about to vomit there was on screen write your stories and

Lachlan McNeill 28:09
I was like Mike wants to say something to you just waving goodbye to something I was just so just thinking about just just you know if you wanted to learn the process, you know if you want to go to the American market, you know what I mean? I if I had a couple of grand or three grand or something, want to do it? Is it worth going to the American market and just having a little fun you’re away with from there on? Or would you want to start here with that small sir? Ah, I

Umakant Chaudhari 28:35
depends if you don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night, America.

Lachlan McNeill 28:40
Okay, I don’t like waking up in the middle of night because I wake up the middle of it anyway, that really annoys me. So I’m trying to get out of that habit. When Australian market like

Umakant Chaudhari 28:50
I have not traded the Australian market, I believe it’s better than any FedEx bun. I have no experience with a xx Okay.

Lachlan McNeill 28:59
All right, man. Good. Sounds interesting, interesting. Thanks for Oregon.

Danny de Hek 29:04
All right, anyone else got so we’re talking about people’s experiences with side hustles and I did challenge him to come up with something they could buy and sell and maybe put on the website between 100 or $500 each Did anyone ever think of something could they could chop up? Like I’m talking about an item you go into the supermarket and you buy and walk out with so this is like obviously the CVS or single Laughlin he said that people he was it gave $1 value for those

Lachlan McNeill 29:30
here Look, I don’t go for cheap market me go to someone who just had been doing for 25 bucks, but I started 150 and got about $500 for a CV but and people say my goodness has a lot of money. And I say, Well, if you get a job two months earlier, tell me how much is that? Well, that’s worth you. Yeah, and and is it is like that, because I tell you what the real shame about it as a recruiter is the number of CDs I get. I’m thinking you know what, I bet you’re getting no interviews whatsoever. And quite a few Remembering when I yesterday and I said, Look, I’m just going to give you a couple of free tips here, because it just breaks my heart. People working on it, I’m not gonna pay, I’ll do it myself. I do it myself. And they don’t think you know, it’s just if it’s if it saves you one day, if you’ve got a job one day earlier, which you would with 10 times over there, you’ve covered any blog for Bernie people that cover all that cost.

Mark Scown 30:23
It said old adage, isn’t it, that the the CV will get you the interview, the interview will get you the job?

Lachlan McNeill 30:29

Mark Scown 30:30
Getting into the interviews, you say?

Lachlan McNeill 30:32
It’s a calling card, you know, it doesn’t mean I’ve had CDs that are 67 pages long. People try and put everything on there. And the reason they do that is actually because they have scared of getting someone saying no. So if I kill all the information, you don’t want that you want to save it as is, hey, this person is worth talking to Let’s get him in and have a chat. That’s all you want. Yeah, you don’t want them to make a decision.

Stephen Fitzgerald 30:59
You want them to get For check it’s really simple I received a CV which I don’t have the possession of employment for that person but the CV CV was so well done I engaged with that person to say sorry look at I don’t have the situation but I but I engage with them so yeah, if even if I didn’t have the job position I still is still made me engaged with themselves as a very successful CV because even then engagement I’ve spoken to other architectural companies and indicated that this person’s out there Yeah,

Lachlan McNeill 31:29
exactly. Right. Exactly. Right. You know, and yet people forget that sometimes if I see a good well written CV that that actually gets the key points across and, and I had a person in my mind and and if I do meet someone, also, hey, look, I’m not someone I can place but for my roles, but this could be of interest to you. It’s but you know, no, very, very few people bring you up and say, by the way, I’m not gonna take you further because your CV is too hard to understand. You know, silly things like typos are a big thing, but Most people put the wrong stuff at the beginning of a CV. You look at CV want to see at the beginning, who was this person? What do they do? Most people want to cast a really big net. You know, I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I love this. I love that. I love this. And I think what do they do? What what pain can they take away from my business? And he look you might get on second page up. I’m an accountant. Wow. Okay, so And what do you good good at the third page, and you’ve got no clothes. So yeah, really,

Mark Scown 32:31
really effective CVS. It’s clear and the content that they have researched your, your company as well. Yep. And it clearly looked at the job specs and targeted those.

Lachlan McNeill 32:47
Yep, that’s exactly right. But also sometimes just framing themselves at the beginning content easily. One of the most important things on your CV is just those first few words and the top of the profile, which is this is what I am, you know Intermediate project manager with four years experience working in retail projects. Great. Okay, then I’m going to move I can read further. It’s kind of critical but yeah, it’s it’s, it’s interesting. It’s really lovely when also we’ve done our research.

Danny de Hek 33:20
Just going back to a couple of others what’s the house heavy? was a house

Mark Scown 33:22
has been has been great.

For house I’m guessing. Yeah.

Helen Oakes 33:28
Looking after the house.

David Clarkson 33:31
It’s like being it’s like being a home tradie isn’t it?

Danny de Hek 33:35
Yeah, man. He’s gone. So he must have gone to the clean the toilet.

David Clarkson 33:40
Yeah, because there’s lots of for instance, there’s lots of widows or lots of guys, even for that matter, who aren’t any good at doing household type things like putting up pictures or, you know, putting up shelves, that sort of things. So no one’s doing garden, whatever

Stephen Fitzgerald 33:59
I was reading has husbandry as cooking and washing doing nappies doing not so much the mechanical boys side of it, but it was taking over a woman’s role to allow them to get into the industry. That’s what I was reading.

Danny de Hek 34:12
Okay. So it’s in James. Sorry, mate wasn’t there just now what’s your take on her husband tree? Well, I think it’s quite personal to me in a way. So as you may know, I work with my wife. And so

Matt James 34:29
we choose the accountant bookkeeper. And I do the business consultancy, project management, all that sort of stuff. So what it actually means is we have different dynamics over our client base. So Billy gets she’s very much brings in our bread and butter if you like, and, and steady income, whereas I come in a bit feast and famine but I’m a different price point. So when what it means is in the downturns or challenges I can take on running the household Maybe I can do some of the other chores while she’s earning the bread and butter. And then I, an episode goes round. So just I guess it’s making the best a partnership. So we actually have a partnership, which is also a marriage, but it’s kind of playing within your team and changing the roles and duties you do to make sure the overall the team is going the right way. So you get paid for a

Danny de Hek 35:26
pun, to get this as a side hustle conversation. And as many of you get paid, oh,

Matt James 35:31
I do because I freed her up to do more of her stuff. He’s ultimately sold gains.

Danny de Hek 35:37
Another conversation itself, isn’t it because there is another way what I was thinking of that as a service that you could charge a third party, but instead of that you can actually free up somebody else’s time that is in in the money.

Matt James 35:48
Yep. Yep.

Danny de Hek 35:51
We’ve just got David’s business babysitting. And it’s that’s another approach.

David Clarkson 35:58
Yeah, you know, I just I just There’s lots of people out there that that own small businesses and what have you don’t get a holiday. And you know, maybe you could just say to yourself, hey, you know, I’ll put myself out there is that sort of person, you know, I’ve got an accounting background as a CPA for three decades I’ve had a lot of business experience in retailing, that some DIY and the white wire industry and in the in the oil industry, so you know, I’ve got a whole lot of skills that you know, even if somebody wanted me to look after the one man service station, I could go there and pump the gas and, and give a little bit of advice here and there and stand in might just keep the business ticking over while I hit holiday or a break for a week. You know,

Helen Oakes 36:49
it’s actually a really good idea. Not a year. There’s a lot of people that don’t take a holiday because they feel there’s no one that can look after their business lightning. So some

Mark Scown 36:59
some proficiency I’ve got it down to find out like locums for pharmacies and things like that. And there’s been a well established successful practice.

Danny de Hek 37:12
I was actually thinking of them, the hotel industry actually they have hotel bone minders. And there’s people that just continuously move around and they’ve got bookings and, and the light. That was irrelevant that last night I was up quite late, I finished off my booking system on digg.com. But within there, I’ve actually come up with modules where people can actually book 30 minutes or 60 minutes of my time. And then when they go in here, so if somebody wants, so that was a service I had to sale, then I can have the availability and people can book living. And then they come along here and when they manage the event that takes them straight into my billing system. And that’s sort of what I was thinking about. So now they can go and pay for that, that service, and the like. So that was quite a cool thing. So every single thing I can think of now I’m going to put it into my services. And you can go down to here, and you can see all the different services that I have that people can purchase on the fly. I don’t know this sounds just last yesterday or not yesterday, but

the conversation we had last week, so sort of thinking it’d be quite cool. If people could potentially put something that is, you know, that they can purchase would be really cool. I’ve just lost the screen of all the people. They still need.

David Clarkson 38:39
Yeah. Hey, Danny, just just one point, you know, you said, you know, a side hustle to add to your to your web page or what have you. I just wonder on that though. If you do that, are you likely to degrade your brand or the value of the service Assume that you’re offering if people see that you’re offering something else does that’s the question I’m asking.

Helen Oakes 39:06
Yeah I sometimes think of it to David like if you have all these services and are you

you’re not a master in interfaith but you are, what do they call it?

Lachlan McNeill 39:17
jack of all trades.

Danny de Hek 39:20
The ultimate As for me, it’s not so bad because most of mine is related around my skills. Anyway, and I’ll just give you another example because I’ve been with Helen with her staff of looking for how to do this. screen sharing stuff. Last was the screen I wanted. I’ve got too many screens in my life. Too many screens in my life. It’s gone. What I do that down the bottom one minute please colour she is screen. So using Holland as an example So what we did this week is we, Helen as a photographer, and within here we have basically put her, you know, few pictures about her stuff. And here we’ve talked about the different types of photography, she’s done. So if we go into the service you have as a lifestyle photographer, then she’s chopped it into a service, where people can come along and pick, you know, bronze, silver and gold package. And that’s something that somebody can pitch to. So it’s creating, rather than hoping that someone’s gonna come along and ask for a quote, she’s actually made a product or service that somebody can purchase on the fly. And at the end of it, we grab all those products and services, put them together and create a page on her service, which is generally photography. And then we just people can read through it and at the end of it says this is just an indication of my costings online. If you customer requirements, please contact me. But in the meantime, we’ve now got something that people sort of get an idea of her pricing. They may not have contacted her previously, because I thought she was too expensive. Or they didn’t know how professional she was or, but now that from $250, they can get some for their service. That’s sort of my thinking and that logic,

Stephen Fitzgerald 41:23
that’s really successful, because a lot of people have a fear of engagement, because they’re not sure what the costs going to be. Yeah, yeah. It’s a little bit like you’re talking about CVS, you don’t get the interaction because of the fear of the unknown of what the expense by base. So by putting it out there, someone can go look that it meets my budget or doesn’t or if there’s a range there, I can talk about the lower end of the range or the upper end of the range. And it actually deals with that fear and then actually allows people to go forward, which was Yeah, but


Helen Oakes 41:56
Yeah, and we were talking about some of my service And I think it’s really hard to put a price on some of them and Danny’s, he just put a price and even if it’s a starting price, and then it gives people an idea of where they can start it and what I can offer. So I think it’s Yeah, it’s gonna be really beneficial.

Lachlan McNeill 42:15
Yeah, I’d agree with that, honestly, that one of my biggest challenges with any of it, design sort of stuff is that journey, I say, look, I want to give an idea of what, what what the costs are, and they’ll say, what’s your budget? Yeah, I’m thinking, Okay, well, I’ve got $127,000 Yeah, that’ll do. Yeah, you know, all right. get any EDC had a champagne corks, population walk out the door. And as like, who would who would go to a restaurant they didn’t been to before, where they didn’t have any prices around the place who would sit down and say, Okay, I’ll have this, you know?

Helen Oakes 42:53
Yeah. And a lot of photographers do height, the prices were funny. We were talking about the same thing, sleep and like what you said is when you look at houses to buy and all these houses that have negotiation or option. Yeah, yeah, if you’re in the ballpark of what you could afford to pay for it, and we both said, we wouldn’t even look at those houses because you have no idea of where to start.

Stephen Fitzgerald 43:19
We have trouble in the industry at the moment and the architectural profession because there’s a lot of people buying and they younger people with money that are using the lower interest rates. But because you approach an architectural company and you don’t know what the cost is going to be, the banks don’t want to lean on an unknown cost. So they end up promoting the subdivision house builder that can give all the prices, the Align the price, the date for completion and everything else. So the banks are happy to lend on that. Because it’s no one costs. You know, we struggle even with a range of costs in our industry, and we have to To change that. Yeah, I absolutely agree. Like what you had there for Helen is, you know, silver, bronze gold, you know, if you can put into different categories and saying, Well, you know, look, your housing, the house that you’re looking at is, you know, for spec for long term development for you know, and if we can set up a cost range and or specifics or add ons to that add ons at a cost. I think we would pick up more of the work.

Mark Scown 44:30
Yeah, I think, I think Steven, you’ve just highlighted the problem and equally highlighted the solution.

Danny de Hek 44:36
No, somebody’s ready right, then it takes to be good.

Lachlan McNeill 44:39
Certainly, I have to say in terms of things like architecture to the wisdom problem, because the whole point you go to an optician for for a custom job. Yeah. But But the best solution I’ve seen is when I’ve been looking at things like kitchens or bathrooms people say, Okay, I understand you, what would you do? I’ll give you an idea. Here’s three jobs. We did this one here. Cost $12,000. We had a 20% contingency. We end up using half of that, and the half that went on there. Okay, right, great. Okay, this one that is it this one and that one and that one you take. Okay, now I’ve got an idea you putting to be the fields of unknown cost? Absolutely. And, you know, I’ve worked travellers,

Stephen Fitzgerald 45:14
I know, the conversation to go forward on other aspects of your services. Yeah.

Danny de Hek 45:21
That good stuff. And I really like that I’ve always have like this going each other’s industry. Like, if I see the man, I want to have a meeting with them, I’d probably thinking, is it gonna cost me Is he gonna see me a bill? In the same with anyone? Right. Like, you’ve probably just going back to Laughlin. If I wanted to have a meeting with you because I’m looking for a job, then I would assume it was free, because the employer is going to pay. But then how do you stop everyone wanting to sit down with you and chew up your whole day of sitting here saying you work for free?

Lachlan McNeill 45:53
Well, you’re just not one of my biggest challenges. Yeah, I mean, I’d have to say it’s quite funny, because I do career counselling and actually People say Oh, hey, local MC novo, how about we go for a coffee. So I could give you I couldn’t drink to give you an hour of free career thing. You buy me a coffee. That’s a really, really cheap hour $4 $4 50. And course what happens is you chat for so long, then I end up buying them a coffee, so I don’t even get a coffee out of it.

Danny de Hek 46:23
I take that thing I hit on the screen before I use kalindi. And I really, really like now pay 15 US dollars a month for it. Yeah. But now when people want to use my time I go go please book, free consultations with 15 minutes of my time. And if they like that, they don’t want to spend the time doing that, then they don’t value my time.

Lachlan McNeill 46:43
But also just people forget, I mean, I’ve been taught even clients. So look, I need to pick your brains on a couple of things. And I say this is the only way I make money. Yeah, that’s right. This is my income. So you know, I’ve always belong to your stories. Hey, look, can I you know, your timber story? I can I have a You know, eight minutes or 42 or 150. And I want that and that’s great. Well, thanks very much. I’ll go walk out the door. Because that’s how you make your money.

Danny de Hek 47:10
Yeah, well, but anyone thought of it? Yeah.

Lachlan McNeill 47:16
Yeah. And get a cup of coffee.

Helen Oakes 47:19
Yeah. It’s funny cuz some industries, you would never say, can I have five minutes of your time? You wouldn’t go to your doctor and say, can I have five minutes? I charge you 50 bucks no matter what.

Lachlan McNeill 47:29
Your tax lawyer? Yeah.

Helen Oakes 47:32
Yeah, why? Why can they charge and we can, you know, it’s probably

Lachlan McNeill 47:37
expectations. Really? Yeah. And

Mark Scown 47:38
I’m in a subtly different industry where I get paid by a third party. I am the insurance company. So, you know, I’ve got a client now who I may or may not get, but I’ve spent about 25 hours Is that fine. And that’s and so you know, on a cost benefit ratio. That’s appalling. But on some of my best clients said, you know, huge commission rates. I could probably when I calculate it out my hourly rate for some of them would be $850 an hour. Yeah,

Helen Oakes 48:11

Mark Scown 48:11
swings and roundabouts

Danny de Hek 48:15
is really good stuff, guys. So what some solutions then with high care, we’ve actually talked about how to get people to pay for our time. And that is customer acquisition. Really, we just talked about really in that. So, what are some solutions that we are doing? side hustles that we can think of? campaign? Right, so that’s cool. I’ll help you that service. By the way. It’s one of my side. hustles

Lachlan McNeill 48:39
isn’t it? calendly sorry, isn’t it calendly?

Checking spelling

Danny de Hek 48:45
Oh, as you put it up there, so you can get it right. Yeah, okay. Yep. Yep.

I’m just so you see that. That there is my one But are is quite another thing, it’s one thing a problem I did have with it, you can actually, when you pay for it, you can actually collect money, but it’s only in Australian dollars, it’s the closest currency you can get, which is a bit of a pain. And I know Matt does his appointment using Office 365. And it’s a similar system. But I come up with a way last night where if somebody does book a service, I can take it off to an external link. So then I just copy the link that goes straight into the shopping cart, the shopping cart programme I use. So I get the appointment going straight into my diary. And at the same time, it forces them to go to the place where they had to pay me money.

Lachlan McNeill 49:39
In terms of sort of solutions, I do think it’s important to have something that is along the same lines of who you are, and what is complementary to what you do. And I know for example, Steve and I know architects who design lampshades, one guy in Wellington designs lampshades has quite a good product line and doing like light special light fittings and it kind of feels With his business so I’ve got landscape architects to design pavers and pots and pans and a

Stephen Fitzgerald 50:07
product and they probably make more money out of the products they specify than the landscape architectural company that they’ve run.

Lachlan McNeill 50:14
Yeah, exactly right. It’s a lot of sense in it but like complimentary and the guys know the way you can combining the landscape acts with the paving you can step in and help them do designs and it’s worked out quite well but having something which is completely different. For example, if I want to be a DJ, I mean, I’ve got the headset but I mean, you know, if I was going to have a DJ business, it’s not complimentary to what I do.

Danny de Hek 50:34
So you know, think man should put on as over the page of his website has heavy as a service he’s offering now.

Lachlan McNeill 50:44
He might want to fade set off, a woman ringing up.

Matt James 50:50
I think being nagged at least twice a year is plenty enough.

Danny de Hek 50:56
I’m probably when I listen to 100 side hustles that you gave us luck. That is brilliant. Because a lot of those I think I’ve tried 50% of them

Lachlan McNeill 51:07
get ugly to the ratio book because it’s a beautiful book. Lots of really beautifully put together.

Nice case studies.

Danny de Hek 51:16
Yeah, I like the way he summarised each one of those. Yeah, you know, a lot of the side hustles wasn’t is about what you know, not who, you know,

Lachlan McNeill 51:25
he puts the pain in there as well what you needed to do to get started so if anyone wants to borrow this book, they can it’s a qualities to the writer.

Helen Oakes 51:33
quite quite out there like the one about the chickens in my head, little coats or something.

Lachlan McNeill 51:38
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

But that’s, that’s bizarre, but it’s just amazing. It’s amazing.

Danny de Hek 51:44
Yeah, a lot of fun. It’s not as often as like anything from $500 to maybe $5,000 a month if you’re lucky. Yeah, wasn’t a full time job is what I always found hard as a side hustle. Android a full time job. It’s not they haven’t really done it.

Helen Oakes 51:58
But that’s why it’s called a side So

Danny de Hek 52:00
yeah but people mistaken it because I’ve seen people who have businesses who are trying to make their hustle a business and you go well this is just a little weak this isn’t really got it’s just a little bit of extra few bucks coming in a month. Yeah, it’s

Stephen Fitzgerald 52:13
a little bit like the damage of turning a hobby into your employment. Yeah, a hobby for pleasure ended up doing it for for a necessity to actually serve but you know, provide an income so if you’re painting and painting things that you want to paint you end up painting on commercial things you don’t want to thank so you know, you’ve got to be careful on on how you do that. So don’t you? Yeah, what are you doing?

Danny de Hek 52:37
Yeah, yeah, good stuff guys. solutions in we’re looking for solutions of hassle. So you’re making a good idea is to keep it within your own environment. If you can a

Helen Oakes 52:46
side hustle that complements what you do is complimentary. You know

Lachlan McNeill 52:50
what I mean? That’s, I think it’s important to think about, yeah, but also think you got to think the problem you’re trying to solve what what why are you doing the side hustle and it could be like Matt He says I have big spikes of income but I’ve got to instantly engage myself in the rest of the time.

Danny de Hek 53:06
Funny thing that I find quite tricky when I did the Hello Nice it would I love Holland. But I said that we probably never get married you know, but I said I wouldn’t mind buying your like a ring or some sort of jewellery, you know, in on thinking every time I walk past the dollar shop, I don’t actually want to walk in because I just don’t like walking up to those ladies because it’s all in your face and they run up to you and like any finished up you just get a flurry of people around you and you feel that pushy sales. So I just always applauded so yesterday a girl will be in hospital a vacuum cleaner about half of it

David Clarkson 53:43
is romance right there. Yeah, yeah.

Lachlan McNeill 53:46
Who said romance was good. I

know you’re I won’t have any settings to the ever prettier thing.

Danny de Hek 54:02
Hear hear that he

Helen Oakes 54:03
might hear that comes out there.

Danny de Hek 54:05
I’m thinking there’s an industry that is hopeless say I can’t walk into it because I just don’t want to walk up to their counter. And I’m thinking, how would they turn that around? Well, you could do it online, but they need to leave me alone. You’re worried about the quality? Yeah, yeah. So these these different barriers every time so she’s never going to get a ring.

Yeah. How would you overcome that?

Lachlan McNeill 54:29
Yeah, well, you’d have a digital system whereby you say, here’s my head, or here’s the here’s Helens head, and you just go along, scroll through, and it just puts the ring on your head and see what it’s like. And it gives you three or four different views. Yeah,

Danny de Hek 54:41
yeah. And I’m thinking about each of our own industries in the window. I mean, like, via one weird thing with like, a holiday home at the moment, and we’re thinking that we would engage Steven, he’s very approachable, but we don’t want to waste his time. But we do want to know that we can ask him for ideas and maybe pick his brains a little bit. Whether thinking is feasible, you know, so that being able to do acquisitions with Stephen is very open. But I’m wondering about other people who are too scared to bring up an architect because when I was a painter architects were like God, and I didn’t feel like I will get them go get a mate doing a go pump for a beer. So you never say with lawyers, they’re not very hard to walk up to and say blah, you know, so I’m just wondering, are we all approachable and our clients have we made the door open for our clients by making a free consultation 15 minute consultation and I met does one summer and they I put three on it yesterday for the first time I hate the word three. But it’s a 15 minute consultation. So it can be free.

Helen Oakes 55:47
We don’t use a complimentary

Danny de Hek 55:50
but I didn’t read write compromise, I

Lachlan McNeill 55:52
think free and 15 minutes balance out 15 minutes, 15 minutes and it’s free. So it was worth it to say let’s just see if we’re on the right track. There’s nothing wrong with that rarely, you know, it’s not as if you say, I’m going to be free from whatever. I’m just think about Steven, I keep on thinking, Steven, we’re talking about a couple of weeks back all about how about sort of the idea of charging for consultancy, which is one of the challenges but, and you talk about approachability, but I do think video would be quite a good tool, because you can make a making Steven say, Look, I’ve had a client came along to to me, and then what did they bought my $250 package. And what they wanted to know was this. So I went through these five stages, and this is what we came out with. So that’s it on their path, you know, and now I’ve got they’re done with a dozen I’m putting a budget together now. You know, something like that. And these people come up with this con come in. Now people think oh, I know. I can call this guy and like a book and for $250 package, and I can ask him these questions. Hmm, be great on video stay on your board for I

Stephen Fitzgerald 56:49
don’t like about the word free. It’s something for nothing. And it’s not about the value that you’re giving somebody and I would rather sell the value of the 15 minutes rather than that Non value of the 15 minutes?

Helen Oakes 57:03
Yeah, you could say free con thought well complimentary consultation worth, blah, blah, blah. You know, so you put a figure in there so people realise they’re getting this 15 minutes. It is normally on 900 bucks or whatever. So they do see the value in it. Otherwise there’s no value in

Danny de Hek 57:24
here. This little Helens got a sports shirt. And it’s around about $700. And then somebody rang up the other day and they said, Can I hire you or one voice my client and then can I get us a backhander. And at that time, Helen head who’s $700 package and she had 10% off $100 off. So we removed that and then we decided that it would give that client a coupon where he could actually get 20% of her advertised prices. And that was a kind of a nicer way of doing it. So, you you deal with a billing the client goes to Helens website, can see the package that he’s going to sell them. At the end of the day, he’s going to click the money. And then when he go purchase that, he’s going to use the coupon and that’s where he saves the money. And not only there was another way of getting the cat without finishing the client is going to do his the lady is going to come and take my photos on paying $700 He’s charged me $900 and that was the problem. You see.

Stephen Fitzgerald 58:29
One thing that I’ve been doing recently this year, I’ve been not doing it free, but I’ve been handing out vouchers, which allows that consultation period for an out so basically what I’m doing is offering to clients vouchers to say thank you for your involvement with our company over the years. Here’s five different vouchers that you can offer to friends, which will give them a one and a half hour consultation and So voucher has value it’s not free. And they can offer that. So they are giving value to the friends or colleagues to help them move forward with the design consultations or otherwise, whether it’s tiny house energy efficient house operation with quite developments. So I’m trying to turn that into a voucher as opposed to a free service. And so then people can hand them on and they feel that they are giving something of value to the friends. Yeah, and I’m just gonna see how that goes. And I had to monitor the reaction of that.

Danny de Hek 59:33
Stick the vouchers on top of a bottle of wine and see who takes them. Yeah. Hi, am we running out of time? Sorry. Let’s just quickly takeaways for today if you just want to utilise them, I’ll get my my my secretary here to write down anything you got from today’s meeting the like the shoe

Stephen Fitzgerald 59:48
drive. hustles have value. Yep.

Lachlan McNeill 59:53
I like the idea of the calendly raising expectations of paying for consulting you

Matt James 1:00:02
So side hustle has to be related or complimentary to existing business otherwise it could become a distraction or erode your core business if you’re not careful. How can you charge 120 or $130 an hour and then be a home hubby at $30 an hour and you’re the same person? Yeah, and it’s just just the time like you’re investing in, you know, you’re having to learn new skills, getting new software, maybe depending what it is. And you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole and then realise that your core business has been neglected as a consequence, so it has been my view, it’s something which augments built upon everything that’s called it’s complimentary. It’s really easy to cause that’s okay. But you need to be focused right now. I think we do too many of you at like a shotgun rather than a sniper rifle. There can be challenges got Chandra managing risks having that spread versus building your brand and what you’re good at.

Lachlan McNeill 1:01:06
But I do think that the workflow has to be complimentary as well, though. So for example, in my job in recruitment, it’s like running five races at a time, you know, and I’ve said this before, and if you stop you sort of lose all five races. So there’s no having another one that’s like a race. So I like the good TVs. I could see one gets in touch. I’ll book you in for Thursday, next Thursday at 10 o’clock and it’ll make it so the waiters that it’s not too bad in terms of also the income it’s a scalable, scalable business I can get have people help me for the writing stuff and what for various parts of it, which is quite nice. So has certain amount of automation that can go that as well.

Danny de Hek 1:01:42
Yeah, cool. Next week’s topic, guys. Huh?

The other thing too is enough of the late sex. I haven’t done an intro for a while, I’ve had a couple of people who suggested that I’d like a 730 meeting in the morning. So I’m going to send out on a closed Facebook group, what day they would like that, if so, and then I’m going to ask who would be there regularly. So at 730 is a good time, then we might run a civic duty meeting, just putting it out there with the people in the window at the moment. And the other one to think outside the square, you’ve got the other one too. If you look at the link that I posted, then you’ll see that I posted this podcast in elite sexes blog area, and you’ll see that all the ticks are scribed. And I’m using a service called author. And it’s brilliant. And I think a few people signed up for it. I’m trying to find it. Oops. And I’ve seen that linkrunner but it basically gets the text and turns it all into one ascribes it over me. And then and then I realise it listens to the voice of the person talking. And then it matches the name to who spoke at what time. It was really clever stuff. And it took about 25 minutes for it to scribe an hour’s worth of talking. So I’ll do that with this one afterwards.

This is to the voice.

Helen Oakes 1:03:21
Oh, because it sees her name.

Danny de Hek 1:03:22
It’s modern technology, honey.

Paul Starling 1:03:25
Sorry, it can be entertaining.

Danny de Hek 1:03:29
Options, though, sometimes. Yeah. It’s really clever stuff. But if you look at that blog, you’ll see what I’ve done with it. And it’s given me instant content. And also it’s matching the who’s talking to whose names we’ve got a few people away today as well. I don’t know why. But it’s nice to figure that out. But you’ll see the the names have come up and the times that they spoke, and next week’s meeting what I’m going to talk about

Lachlan McNeill 1:03:54
what about putting the fun on things? Yeah.

Danny de Hek 1:03:58
Hey, bad jokes. Yeah. jokes, bad jokes, no. jokes.

Lachlan McNeill 1:04:05
Do Funny People say if they don’t get a good joke, it’s all the jokes just disappear out of my head.

Danny de Hek 1:04:12
Alright, so what I’m going to do

David Clarkson 1:04:16
now is I’ll just say goodbye to Matt.

Helen Oakes 1:04:19
Oh, yeah,

Danny de Hek 1:04:21
I guess I’ll finish the podcast is as we speak not podcasts where the cooler Oh stop the recording. And if you are listened to a podcast, by all means go to ELITE : SIX.co.nz and check out other podcasts and other topics. We haven’t got a next big topic yet but I will come up with it in due course on my surprise, you may do some research and we may create a new slam. So thanks for tuning in and listening to us.

Transcribed by Otter

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