DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorUpdate I got a phone call from one of the Johnny Bigg managers and he said they were happy to refund me for the belt this happened 10 days after this was published. However they continue to sell the “TAN DALLAS GENUINE LEATHER BELTS 

Hello, have you ever gone into a shop and thought I just got ripped off and you can’t do anything about it? That happened to me. I went to Johnny Bigg, which has a shop in my local shopping mall at Northland Shopping Centre. And I bought myself a belt. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had belts that last few years, and I think I was replacing about that last for about 10 years or more.

Anyway, I bought a belt was at $99.95 belt. I had it for, I must’ve bought it. I paid cash for it and I must have bought it in February 2021. Now I went back into the shop and I said, look, I don’t think I paid with Credit Card so I haven’t got a receipt. However, is this your belt, They looked at as a, yes, this is one of our belts.

There’s no doubt about that. And I said, well, I can’t, I haven’t kept the receipt and I was running. If you going to do anything about it, they said, leave it with me and I’ll get. A manager to a ring, you know that. Okay. So I went out of the shop H went back half an hour later. Cause I said, I do remember, I think I paid cash just to let you know, anyway, went along three or four days, nothing happened.

So I rang up the shop and I said, hi, I’m Danny, the guy with the belt. Do you remember me? And they said, yes, we’ve got your belt right here. And it’s, you know, we’ll get the manager to ring you. So we did another two or three days and nothing happened. So I finished up going back into the shelf and they said, well, we tried to ring you.

But your phone number wouldn’t work. So I said, if you’ve got the piece of paper that my phone number was on, they showed me it. And I said, well, that is my number. I don’t know why it didn’t work. Anyway. They said, look, can we count, find you in our system? Uh, and you, haven’t got a receipt. We’re willing to give you a discount on a new belt, but we’re not going to replace the belt.

And I mean, okay. I said, I understand about having the receipt and that’s my bad. I should keep all my receipts in social use. So you can go back to the shop. Because they don’t have to, um, issue you a refund because of that. However, I said, but you’re still selling these belts and they don’t look like they are very good.

And I think that the most expensive belts that you have in your shop, I had the belt. So this is a, what I call a hundred dollar belt. And it says junior and liver. And what happens is because the belt’s not stitched, uh, at each site it’s only glued together and it didn’t last very long. It didn’t last for long around mine side anyway.

So I said, well, that’s your prerogative. If it was my shop, I probably would have been ashamed. And I probably would’ve just got rid of another belt. For the sake of a hundred dollars, uh, then I got home and I thought, well, I didn’t feel very right about it. So I went looking for them on Facebook. They don’t exist.

Uh, unfortunately I found the Australian company instead, and I thought, I know what I’ll do. I’ll write to the franchise owner. Um, so then I went to the website and I thought, I’d see if I can find, uh, my belt, a belt. And to my surprise, I actually found they have quite a few, um, belts for sale. And to my surprise, I actually found the exact same belt I bought for $99.

So when I went into. Look at this belt, this is why I’m doing this podcast. And I’m also doing a YouTube video as I read the reviews and I found that there was people from two years ago, having exactly the same problem who have spent the time. Actually right into them explaining that the belts were poor quality.

Uh, not the greatest, uh, belt review, disappointed in only went to work twice and it has already failed leather belts. Um, somebody hit right, great products. I’m sure they’ve got other products that are quite good. And I just think that was really poor. I went to, um, north Highlands. And I searched for their Facebook page and I wrote on the Facebook page and also search Google reviews and added my review in there as you do.

Um, but as a consumer and also I’m a retailer, I just thought it was unfair that you can’t do anything about it. Now I know I didn’t have my receipt. That’s fine. But my main problem is they’re still selling these belts, even though reviews, they are getting from the customers are telling them that they are faulty.

And I just think that’s criminal, to be honest. And the other thing I will take it as far as I paid cash for that belt and I bought it in February. Yeah. The shop is not that busy and I bet they haven’t sold that many hundred dollar belts. So they may have a problem with one of the staff. As she held himself to a bit of cash.

That would be my main thing. I would be worried about if I couldn’t find a belt purchase in February and 2021, the next thing I did is, um, I lift, I review and I wrote, um, to them and, um, then I got an email this morning telling me if I bring it up. Um, that my review inbox. So it tells me our staff has read your review and values your contribution, even though it did not meet, even though it did not meet our website guidelines.

Thank you for sharing. And we hope to Polish it next time. So he was a, a reasonably linked the explanation and a phone number where they could actually ring me. So I wrote another message, basically shorter and more precise. This was purchased under 12 months ago. It’s falling apart, customer service, not really interested in sorting it out as I paid cash and I didn’t have a receipt.

They could not take the time. To look up the simple transaction for a replacement. So they removed that one as well. So what do you do about it? Well, let’s bring them, I’ve got the flash gear here, so I’ve got a phone number here. Just pick it up and see what we can do. Uh, now, how am I going to do this on an iPad?

And so you guys can listen and I’ve figured away, here we go. Let’s have a listen. Say they answer because I haven’t this morning call is very important to us. Please wait for the next available agent. Okay. Let’s see what happens.

Now there’s about 10 of these shops that I can see at a glance and three in Christchurch, one in record in Northlands and Hornby I did see one at all times, and I see a whole lot in Australia. Now on the website, it’s actually quite hard to find the contact information. So if you are like me looking for their contact phone number, you actually need to go to the bottom and then look for the help hub.

And then the help hub. There is a button in here that says, contact us. And that’s the phone number? I’ve run three times today. It’s five o’clock 5:00 PM on Monday and obviously not answering it. Um, now I did just see at a glance, I received an email from them and it’s basically just saying that they’ve received my email from the, uh, Zendesk help this.

So it’s a bit poor, really. Okay. I’m not going to go on about it too much, but, um, to be honest, Um, I think it’s a bit poor. They, over the don’t answer their telephones. Or if you are thinking about shopping with this company, do research online before we get going. Um, I went and bought a new belt and hopefully my pants don’t fall down.

Yeah. This belt I bought for $69. Uh, it’s not quite as dressy, but it’s got stitching each side. It’s genuine leather. And I got this from Ballantine’s and Christ church. Uh, and it’s a good quality belt. So don’t support, uh, Australian companies. Don’t give a stuff about your business, um, go to Ballantines, uh, and they will sell you a good quality belt and keep your receipts because I don’t think this is really interested in customer service.

And the reason I did this podcast and I also, uh, did, uh, the YouTube video is basically saying you can have a voice and if you’re sick and tired of trying to, um, Right reviews on companies. You often find that these companies like, uh, Johnny big have actually removed the reviews area from the Facebook page.

And if you’re clever enough, you can actually type in the word reviews, all lower case at the end of their Facebook URL. And you can say that they don’t have any reviews and view wanted to recommend them. Um, you could go in there and post a message, but it won’t work because they’ve turned it off. So it’s a waste of time.

Uh, I do recommend going to Google reviews and writing, um, a review in then. Yeah. Or if you want to go to a Trustpilot. The trust, um, pilot, uh, and you can go in there and you can actually search for, uh, Johnny. I we’re trying to do a review on the, um, on the company in Christchurch, but I could only find, um, Johnny big in AU.

Uh, and I did actually post a review in there. They’ve only got three stars, so, um, yeah, sorry, you can’t see that I’ve got you on the wrong screen, so you can go to Trustpilot. Um, and you can also go to, um, the Google, um, review area in post to review like I did. Um, I actually uploaded pictures. If you upload pictures, you’ll get better response, but Hey, if you had Johnny.

Um, Johnny big and you’re watching this video. Um, what I would like to resolve this, I’ve got my a hundred bucks back and I’d also like those belts taken off your, your shop because they’re not fit for purpose. And as per the consumers at guarantee, which I’m a retailer as well, um, that you are actually not allowed.

To sell something that isn’t fit for purpose. Uh, and, uh, you have every right to tell me that you’re not going to refund the money because I don’t have the receipt because it might be in your terms and conditions. However, there is a thing called, um, doing the right thing. And if you think, um, Uh, that people don’t have a say, then go search for yourself and see how good this podcast and YouTube video is doing for your reputation.

As a company, have a great day guys

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