Danny de Hek Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorPersonal development is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as an entrepreneur!
Recently I had the privilege of doing a three day course with Brian Anderson, who is a Dale Carnegie Trainer. Myself and fifteen like-minded people completed the “Skills for Success” programme. This was truly an amazing experience!
Being dyslexic myself it would be fair to say education has never come easy in my life and to be honest I found it a little intimidating being with other educated professionals, however Brian catered to my needs and I felt a real sense of belonging and the course was of great value to me.
The purpose of me writing this blog was to share one of the biggest “Takeaways” with you.
This is Dale Carnegie nine “Principles for Enhancing Relationships” and if you’re thinking about doing the course with Dale Carnegie, I would thoroughly recommend doing the “Skills for Success” programme.
In a nutshell, the programme covered;

  • Recalling and using names
  • Building on memory skills and enhancing relationships
  • Cultivating lasting relationships
  • Inspiring others
  • Presenting ideas clearly and concisely
  • Handling conflict diplomatically
  • Power of persuasion
  • Managing stress
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Demonstrating leadership
  • Importance of celebrating achievements

Principles For Enhancing Relationships

  1. Don’t Criticize, Condemn, Or Complain.
 Criticizing another person not only damages that person’s reputation, but puts a dent in our own.
  2. Give Honest, Sincere Appreciation.
 Appreciation builds our image faster than any other practice. After all, the success of every job demands cooperation and effort from others. People contribute to our success as much as we contribute to theirs.
  3. Arouse In The Other Person An Eager Want.
 As business professionals, we are constantly selling our ideas. But people consent to help for their own reasons, not ours. If we make it clear how our ideas will benefit them, there is no limit to the cooperation we could receive.
  4. Become Genuinely Interested In Other People.
 Regardless of the physical or financial assets a company may have, it’s the people who make it successful. They are an organization’s key asset, and getting to know them should be as high a priority as learning the technical aspects of your job. The key is to be genuine. Don’t get a reputation for only being interested when you want something. Getting to know others should always be mutually beneficial.
  5. Smile.
 Whether we’re pleasant to be around depends less on the situation than on our behavior. Rapport in business is fueled by seemingly minor considerations, such as a friendly, accessible demeanor and a welcoming smile.
  6. Remember That A Person’s Name Is To That Person, The Sweetest And Most Important Sound In Any Language.
 Using a person’s name is crucial, especially when meeting those we don’t see very often. Respect and acceptance stem from simple acts, such as remembering a person’s name and using it whenever appropriate.
  7. Be A Good Listener. Encourage Others To Talk About Themselves.
 A business runs on information, so what better way to learn what’s going on than following this principle? We must listen with everything we’ve got. How we listen says volumes about how we think. Be focused, engaged, and sincere.
  8. Talk In Terms Of The Other Person’s Interests. 
Truth be told, we spend most of our time thinking about ourselves. Why not create a strong business relationship by putting away our own concerns and talking about what others are interested in for a while?
  9. Make The Other Person Feel Important – And Do It Sincerely.
 In our dealings with others, building them up shows we appreciate their contribution. The bond that results can help us withstand the pressures of our own day-to-day struggles