Danny de Hek Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorDANNY : DE HEK is a company founded, owned and operated by New Zealander’s with an unrivalled passion for online tourism. We are proud to showcase New Zealand to the world!
Our ‘grass roots’ stem from visionary beginnings in 1995 with a ‘Kiwi entrepreneurs dream’, a laptop computer and a love for travelling New Zealand, which over the years has seen our company evolve into a large network of successful, informative and interesting New Zealand web sites. The company’s founder, Danny de Hek, has achieved this through a balance of hard work and determination, staying focused on the development of each client’s portfolio, along with years of practical experience in the field of Website development and search engine optimisation (SEO).
Due to the impressive size of our network, you would be forgiven for assuming we are a large impersonal corporation, when in fact we are a privately owned and operated business. Our small team has been carefully selected for their specialised skills and talents along with their dedication to managing our large network of enterprising Website clients. If you choose to visit our office, you will not find a shiny, clinical reception area, or a room of commission based tele-marketers selling our services for a quick buck. Instead you will find talented individuals based around the country, working with the latest technology to continue enhancing our network and individual client Websites. You may also spot our talented writing crew as they travel the country keeping a finger on the tourism pulse – and their laptop!
DANNY : DE HEK is unique when it comes to web site development. Unlike companies who mass produce web sites for modest fees and then ‘leave you to it’, we take the time to thoroughly consult with a client before reconstructing their existing site, or customising the development of a new site to their individual requirements. Our emphasis is on making and marketing Websites that work for our clients while still remaining user friendly for Website visitors. We spend the majority of our time and budget in the marketing of sites to increase their popularity in major Search Engines such as AOL Search, Bing, DirectHit, HotBot, Google, Ask and Netscape Search. Refer to our Internet Marketing Services for further information.
The world wide web can be a pretty lonely place at times which is why we ensure we maintain regular, personal contact with our clients, keeping them up to date with the latest technology and marketing strategies. We endeavor to visit our clients throughout New Zealand on an annual basis, and also take this opportunity to research and ‘stay in touch’ with what is happening around New Zealand.
Whether you are a professional, a competitor or a first timer, do not hesitate to contact us at NewZealandNZ Limited to discuss the various services, advertising packages and valuable resources we have available.
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