DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorAs many of you will know I love to share my experience, knowledge and skills. I’ve been podcasting for over 12 months now in that time I’ve been looking for r the right software to accomplish certain tasks, as I learn more about this industry. I have learnt that recording and broadcasting voice is one thing, introducing other people onto your podcast with live video is another, this is where I seem to be going.

The ideal software for me, is where I can record my Podcast, invite guests, record it in 4K, broadcast live to YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Linkedin Live, all at the same time with the ability to use a green screen.

I seem to keep defaulting back to ZOOM which pretty much accomplishes all my needs as it is very user-friendly for other parties. However, it doesn’t give me the quality of high definition broadcast. To date no one piece of software accomplishes all my needs, however I was quite impressed with SquadCast.

If you’re trying to accomplish something similar and you want some advice, or you would like to share your learnings, feel free to Contact me, or give SquadCast a go yourself.

SquadCast Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster Educator

Record studio-quality
podcasts from anywhere

Record remotely, simplify editing and create engaging podcasts with an intuitive platform that allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere.

Rapidly create studio-quality recordings

Seamless guest experiences

  • We’ve simplified the entire recording process for your guests so they can focus on what they are there for: to tell their story.

Quickly produce content

  • Record your podcast in an easily editable format so post-production is faster and publishing is quicker.

Progressive uploads

  • Content is auto-saved during recording. And in case of a catastrophic event and locally recorded audio is unavailable, a cloud backup is available.

Publish faster

  • Production and post-production is a breeze with intuitive software that eliminates audio drift and simplifies editing.

Who SquadCast is for

Professional Podcaster

  • Create top quality content, save time on production Save time, money, and energy with an all-in-one solution for professional podcasters who are looking for software that helps them sound like a professional.
  • Create better content with less effort Uncompressed audio files mean spending less time in post-production, publishing faster.
  • Collaboration made easy We’ve made the process for your guests simple so they can focus on sharing stories and ideas with your audience.

Independent Podcaster

  • Record content from anywhere, spend less time editing Podcasting is a passion. You want it to be simple and still sound good. We deliver both with an intuitive interface that’s easy to use.
  • Simplified editing With locally recorded audio, separate audio tracks, and integration with your favorite software, you can spend less time editing.
  • Branding and positioning A great podcast can be a content brand that has a life and energy of its own – if you get it right. Amplify and engage your audience with a podcast that sounds amazing, every time.

Enterprise Podcaster

  • Scale podcast production without sacrificing quality Create timely content and publish faster with intuitive and flexible software.
  • Create brand assets Your podcast is a brand asset and the quality has to be excellent. Publish faster and sound better with audio that’s easier to edit.
  • Perfect for large and small teams Easily record remote conversations with software that integrates with the software you are using right now.
  • Connect your remote workforce With no complicated tech to learn and an intuitive interface, you can easily connect with your entire team.

Quality audio
captured at the source

Thanks to locally recorded audio for everyone, you don’t have to be a master audio producer to create a clear and engaging podcast.

Eliminate audio drift

  • Audio sync problems can cause headaches in the editing stage. Audio drift is a thing of the past thanks to locally recorded and separate audio files.

Crystal clear audio

  • Deliver the best sounding podcast by starting with uncompressed audio. Plus your raw files are continuously uploaded, covering you in case of connection issues.

Bulletproof your remote interviews
with progressive uploads
and cloud backups.

Confidently hit the record button, knowing all audio is continuously backed up and stored in the cloud.

Stop worrying about connections

  • With continuous uploads, everything is captured at the source, so even complete power loss won’t result in a recording catastrophe.

Record confidently with multiple backups

  • We support your conversations with cloud backups. In the event of a loss of the .wav files, backup files are always available.

Easier, faster production
with separate audio tracks

We deliver audio that’s high quality by default — not just for premium customers or as an afterthought you have to work to find. That means you get the best sounding audio. Always.

Superior listening experiences

  • Clean, process or mute sections of each track to easily produce audio your audience will love to listen to. Correct volume levels during editing for adjustment-free listening.

Post-production simplified

  • Edit as much or as little as you want with multiple editing options. Integrate with your favorite editing software to create great sounding podcasts your listeners will love.

The easiest experience
for your guests

Guests don’t have to download software, create an account, or spend time figuring out the tech. So they can spend their time doing what you invited them to do: share their stories and engage your audience.


  • We’ve simplified your guest’s experience with our no download process. They simply click a link and join the podcast.

Prepare in the Green Room

  • Your guests can adjust their equipment, check their appearance, and mentally prepare to share their stories in our Green Room.

Loved and trusted by your favorite podcasters

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