Welcome to our Small Town Travel Guide compiled by DANNY : DE HEK to help you plan your visit to our beautiful land.

Come with us on a discovery tour of New Zealand’s often unseen but worthwhile destinations, travelling from North Island to South Island. On the way we will feature interesting towns and local activities for you to enjoy.

New Zealand is renowned worldwide for its pure, natural environment, which is carefully preserved by the Department of Conservation. The far south has been designated a World Heritage Area in recognition of its natural, unspoilt beauty.

The country was first named Aotearoa (The Land of the Long White Cloud) by Maori and has a population of 4.5 million. The North and South Islands and Stewart Island together cover an area the size of Britain but this compact land is a microcosm of the whole natural world. You can see towering peaks, active volcanoes, breathtaking glaciers, deep fiords, sparkling lakes, primeval rainforests, geothermal areas, golden beaches and green pastures – in a wilderness environment that truly touches the spirit.

We would like to help you discover for yourself the heart and soul of this friendly nation. You will get a warm welcome wherever you travel around New Zealand. So why not join us and taste the Kiwi lifestyle of outdoor adventure and sports, indigenous Maori culture, breathtaking scenery, vibrant city life, fine food and wine, and much more.

You’ll find the lifestyle laid-back, but if you venture into the great outdoors look out for the amazing kiwis. They love to throw themselves off bungy platforms and get white knuckles clinging to inflatable rafts and jet boats. They keep devising new innovative physical challenges for visitors to experience and just can’t resist ‘having a go’ themselves.

Getting around New Zealand is easy with an efficient air service and flexible coach, rail and ferry network for tour groups and independent travellers. The range of climatic conditions varies from warm, sub-tropical areas in the far north to the cooler climates of the south.

We have a small country with a big outdoor attitude. Kiwis can’t fly but they’ll have a go at everything else. So come and join in the fun and experience a little of the magic that is New Zealand.