DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorPine Lake is home to one of the rarest trees in Tasmania, the Pencil pine.

This ancient species developed before flowering plants evolved, making it, along with the Huon pine, one of the most unique and ancient trees in the world, and found only in Tasmania.

Pencil pine grows only in the Tasmanian highlands, and there are few other places on the island where it can be so easily accessed as at Pine Lake. In many ways the trees themselves actually seem out of place in the rocky, alpine terrain in which the lake is situated. However, the fact that the Pencil pine grows here is a bonus, because to view other specimens in the wild would require setting off on a long and possibly arduous hike in the highland bush.

The Level 1 walk from the car park to the Pine Lake viewing platform is along a boardwalk and is only 400m (one way) making for a 30-minute return walk. The track is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

Because of the highland environment, it is recommended that wind proof clothing and a hat should be worn. Sun protection is also highly recommended. Ice and snow can make the track surface slippery and care should be taken in these conditions.

NO pets, firearms of bicycles are permitted.


There are no facilities available at Pine Lake itself. However, there are toilet and picnic facilities available at Liffey Falls (off (513) or Liawenee on the Lake Highway (A5) at Great Lake. Both are approximately 30-minutes away.

Vehicle Access:

The Pine Lake car park is situated off Highland Road (A5)