DANNY DE HEK Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorWhen I started my career back in 1995, I made the claim to be New Zealand’s Leading Internet Consultant.

I felt the service I offered was the best in New Zealand. One day I got an email from a random guy asking me why I felt I was the best Internet Consultant, my reply was there is no industry standards and there’s no such thing as an Internet Consultant. I had just self appointed myself until told other wise. Would you believe that email was from a guy (Bruce) who thought he was New Zealand’s Leading Internet Consultant.

Bruce Simpson (blogger) is an internet celebrity and activist from New Zealand. Best known for his long running blog Aardvark Daily, YouTube channels and his 2003 attempt to build a missile in his backyard with parts ordered from internet retailers. Bruce was offered one million dollars for the domain name 7am.com and regretted tur​ning the offer down. He was made bankrupt after a prosecution by the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department for tax evasion.

I never took his criticisms seriously, and I was shocking at feeding him news to keep it going, as I do believe there is no such thing as bad publicity. It would be fair to say Bruce and the others who got on the band wagon, were the first keyboard warriors. The downloads below are my Internet Archive of their criticisms.

By the way… I still make the claim I am “New Zealand’s Leading Internet Consultant, feel free to email me if you feel I have this wrong.