At New Zealand’s Information Network we believe that you haven’t experienced “getting away from it all” until you’ve been on a cruise. A cruise isn’t just about the things that do exist – exciting destinations, amazing food, world class entertainment – it’s also about the things that don’t exist. On a cruise holiday there is no cooking or cleaning, no deadlines or meetings, no strict itineraries or hidden costs. On a cruise holiday you can choose to do as little or as much as you want, because a cruise holiday truly is your holiday.

At New Zealand’s Information Network we understand that it’s freedom of choice that makes people fall in love with cruising and that it should start from the moment you begin planning your holiday. We work hard to bring you the best deals and widest range of cruise options from around the world, and provide as much or as little guidance to help you navigate your way to the perfect cruise.

The constitution of New Zealand’s Information Network is built around our passion for cruising, love of a great deal and drive to be the industry leader. If you share our passion for cruising, you’ll feel very welcome in our Republic.

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