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Lucette Hogg
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Hi! I'm Lucette and I love getting people organised and clearing up their headspace. I have a curious and collaborative personality and will hunt out the right solution for your unique situation.

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Alama Documentation

I started Alama Documentation in 2002 in Wellington New Zealand, focusing on technical writing and business analyst services. I learnt to write simple, clear documentation by studying Information Mapping and working for lots of government and corporate clients. Call centres. IT teams. HR departments. I'm a big fan of plain language. I've got certificates in business writing, accessible content, web writing and social media writing.

I became interested in NZ small business because of a consulting engineering firm that I was a part owner of. I became passionate about the immediacy of the problems faced and the unique solutions required.
Small businesses don't have the resources that large businesses do. Team this with the large number of tools available with the apps developed over the last ten years... Finding the right solution has become quite overwhelming to a lot of business owners.

Luckily I'm good at finding out stuff. To prove this I put myself through a PhD at Lincoln University. It was about sheep. On a really obscure topic. But this just goes to show I can figure things out. Imagine what I could figure out for YOU!

I now live in Christchurch with an engineer, two teens and 3 cats. Don't let that location stop you though. The internet and air travel are wonderful innovations. If there's sufficient work I'll come to you to kickstart the project and then we'll figure it out from there.

Services that provide clear and precise content

Business Process Mapping

Why map your processes? Because it increases your efficiency. When your team agrees on the process, everyone is clear about what needs to be done, in what order, and why. Inconsistencies are identified. Smarter ways of doing things become clear. Problems you were possibly not aware of get discussed. Mapping your core processes is a great idea.

Standard operation procedures (SOPs)

​SOP's ensure consistency, feed into our job descriptions and provide flexibility around who does what. Easy right? Obvious. But when you're working in the business the 'obvious' becomes transparent and you become unconsciously (in)competent. This means you often leave out the details that may seem obvious to you - but are in fact somebody else might do it the OTHER obvious way! Writing a good procedure is a skill that requires you to look at things with fresh eyes and describe what you see in plain simple language. I use a technique called Information Mapping and the principles outlined by Information Mapping has been proven to reduce errors and increase the speed by which team members learn new skills and tasks.

Business Documentation

Where do you want to go next? What hole needs plugging? I wonder if....

I'm a capable researcher and information gatherer. Let me help you get your thoughts in order so that you can then call in the experts to add the final touches. Capturing the 'as is' situation accurately and then using my experience to complete the preliminary research on your topic of choice will help you resolve your options and focus your thoughts. Think functional requirements, business planning and market research. The stuff you could do yourself but you don't have time for...