Sandra James Sandra James Accountingnbsp» Entrepreneur Decision Maker Connector Podcaster EducatorThis book has been produced by the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) and was released in September 2018. This 20-page book includes the 11 of the most common scams that are currently targeting New Zealanders.

This book can be downloaded free as a pdf free from or or up to 20 copies can be ordered free to distribute to family and friends.

About the Book

  1. Outlines how scammers target their victims and tricks them into paying or transferring their money to scammers usually overseas to fund organised crimes.
  2. Provides tips to protect yourself.
  3. Provides red flags that give away a scam
  4. What to do if you fall victim to a scam and how to report a scam.

Statistics from NetSafe

  • 72% of New Zealanders have been targeted by some kind of scam either online or by phone.
  • $10 million reported losses in 2017 by New Zealanders to NetSafe
  • $26 million reported losses between January and September 2018 by New Zealanders to NetSafe

Scams where New Zealanders lose the most money are usually:

  • Romance (estimated $8.7 million between January and September 2018)
  • Investment
  • Invoice

Anyone is a Target

Fraudsters target New Zealanders everyday online, over the phone, by email or in person. A victim must not blame themselves or be embarrassed about being scammed. Scams are becoming harder to identify. Scams are constantly changing and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The scams and losses suffered can be devastating to a person and also to their families.


CFFC is a government agency that helps New Zealanders of all ages to build wealthy lives by navigating the financial world and making wise financial decisions to reach retirement with choices.

I hope this book will provide the tips to keep yourself and your family and your money safe.