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I am in Dubai, I’m actually with Kalpesh and he’s invited me to his amazing apartment that there you go to buy, to buy life. First woman professional network markets. I have been for 27 years. What do you, what do you think the future is for? Well, now I just want to bring up the elephant in the room because I know most, most of us would have a.

Um, experiencing a few issues since it’s moved over to the HyperVerse now. Cause you want to talk. Yeah, that’s important. I do want to talk a bit about that. I had a meeting with, uh, one of the founders, sadly, a couple of days ago, uh, here at my place and his first, even two years, two and a half years, I’ve been with the company.

So it was really great to meet somebody who you’ve been promoting for so long.

I am in Dubai. I’m actually with CalPERS and he’s invited me to his amazing apartment. Nice to meet you. Likewise, thank you so much for popping over. I appreciate CVS finding real face to a WhatsApp friend. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for bringing. Thanks for inviting me over listen, guys. All of you should know Cal parish, but in case you haven’t been paying much attention Cavendish, can you tell me who you are and what you’ve done?

Yeah, for sure. Uh, um, first of all, I’m a professional network marketer. I have been for 27. And, uh, most recently, uh, HyperVerse has been the project that we’ve all been promoting and built a massive, massive organization worldwide. Uh, having a blast, having a blast, really just get some, um, amazing people into an organization, a community that is standing for something extraordinary, which is the whole blockchain crypto metaverse space.

And it’s all the things that I’ve seen over the years for the last, uh, year, 18 months I’ve been in this it’s it’s certainly. Extraordinary business I’ve been involved with, um, possible. Likewise, what do you think the future is for hypers? Well, if they, if their track record is anything to go by and a track record, meaning, you know what, when you look at the founders and what they’ve done over the last 12, 13 years, then if anyone’s going to pull off a mega metaverse project, goodness, these guys are the most likely to do it.

Right? So I’m really excited about the fact that that’s the space that we’re moving in. It’s not how the project started. And we started just in the blockchain crypto space for the last couple of years, but they recently announced that they’re launching a matter of us platform in the next few months.

And I’m really looking forward to that. And I’m looking forward to entering this new space and being in partnership with huge, huge global players. Yeah. Now I just want to bring up the elephant in the room because I know most, most of us would have, uh, been, um, experiencing a few issues. Since it’s moved over to the hyper burst now.

Yeah. That’s important. I do want to talk a bit about, yeah. So we saw the shift happen a few months ago from 1.0, to 2.0, which was the upgraded, uh, back-office lots of new stuff has been added and ongoing being added. But with that came a whole bunch of tech problems, which have still not been solved. And unfortunately, and I had a meeting with, uh, one of the founders, sadly, a couple of days.

Uh, here at my place and on even two years, two and a half years of been with the company. So it was really great to meet somebody who you’ve been promoting for so long, um, online, virtually, and yeah, just, uh, just, uh, asked him what’s going on with that. When will it be resolved? Uh, you know, how soon can we expect a result?

He couldn’t give me anything definite, which I wish he could, but he couldn’t. Uh, he said that the system has had a lot of issues with it. The 2.0. And also they’ve had a couple of issues with, um, you know, just, not, not just it stuff, but issues outside of that as well with, with the system playing up. And I’ve asked you to give us at least a full update by the end of this month.

So within the next couple of weeks, so fingers crossed, we should have at least something that we can look at and say, right, here’s the timelines. Here’s what the issues are. I just said, I think, uh, maybe won’t be a cultural thing. Um, you know, that they deal with their own stuff. And I’ll just say that why don’t we communicate morning?

So we only communicate when there’s something new to communicate, we don’t communicate for the sake of communicating. And I was like, all right, I’ll get that. But the community likes communication, whatever it is, even if it’s just a hello now they’re going, but it’s just all they do. Right. Um, but yeah, it, a couple of weeks, by the end of what we just all paid, the video may end of may.

We hope to have some kind of a formal update from corporate as to what the timelines are. And one of the things, again, as a community, uh, and you know, grind Scully, you know, you’ve got your own community as well. If you’re watching this video. One of the things that I always say is as a community, that if this was a company that was going to shut the doors and leg it, so to speak a typical scam, number one, people at this level, uh, I’ve got more to lose than.

Uh, but also it would have been done by now. It’s been here, the system upgrades been four months now. Yeah. If they were going to just exit that would have been already done. So the good news is that they’re still working on it and it’s unfortunate that hasn’t been solved yet. All right. So we get, it’s frustrating.

It’s upsetting and it’s, uh, affecting, uh, certain people. I get that. Um, but it is what it is as well. And we just remain hopeful, right. Because like, I, as you know, where a lot of us were affected, I’m affected and it’s back to that six weeks a week and as well. Yeah. So it is something on all of a sudden, I think the message is we’re just gonna have to be patient and see what happens.

Um, but we were talking just now about the exchanges and the daily volume on, on it’s changed down outright and it it’s literally billions a day. So it’s not a, it’s definitely not. Liquidity. I think the financial issue it’s it seems to be a massive tech problem. Yeah. They’ve got more bugs and more issues and apparently some may be outside, uh, hacking stuff.

This happens. So you know, that there’s again, and when something gets as big as this is as quickly as it has, I can imagine there’ll be arch rivals, trying to make the journey a little bit harder for you as well. So yeah. So, uh, you know, they’re dealing with that side of it as they do. We as a community, just have to stay strong at the moment and hang in there as I say to assault.

Yeah. So what I’ve been doing is I’ve been doing which always an HVT and they’ve been going through no problem with toll. Obviously we all want to be able to get moth back MOS. Uh, and I’m sure they want to see as much as well. Cause they want both, they want the liquidity on mob. They want people trading in mops.

So they want it as much as we do. So I think messages carry on and see what happens at the end of the day. You see that they come back. Stay strong. Say stay focused, bugging the trainings. At least the back office. Use the education with. Articles late update says, at least your up-to-date with what is available to us.

And if you’ve got any issues or any questions, just contact a person sponsored you. If that was me, just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you straight away. Thank you. Okay. Awesome. Thanks Kalpesh.

Not bad. There you go. If I live my life.