DANNY : DE HEKWelcome to “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger YouTube Channel” where we expose and shame anyone running or promoting Ponzi schemes or scams. I’m Danny de Hek, aka The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger.

Our mission is to create as much public awareness as possible to save everyday investors from losing their hard-earned money to the multilevel marketing bottom feeders of the world. In this video, we caught Carl Haavaldsen promoting Ponzi schemes online once again.


  • Carl Haavaldsen 00:00
  • Only Five Days Earlier… 00:04:36
  • Pinakee Naik & Keith Williams 00:04:45
  • HyperCosmos Paying 50% on USDT Deposits 00:08:00
  • Only Paid with USDT Deposits 00:09:20
  • Dieudonné Freeman Question 00:15:15
  • Peter O’Brien Question 00:16:22
  • Carl’s Christmas Present 00:24:06
  • Selling 50% Commission Packages 00:19:15
  • Dallas’e iPhone Question 00:27:25
  • Leeland Crane 00:31:07
  • Can You Get the Principal Out? 00:31:30
  • Where Did My Money Go? 00:31:45
  • You’re Never Gonna Get the Money 00:32:31
  • If You Don’t Like It You Can Leave 00:32:53
  • Carl’s Getting Angry 00:33:30
  • Matter Ciotti Question 00:33:45
  • HyperNation & HyperCosmos: Different Companies 00:38:49
  • Make More Money Than You Ever Have 00:39:49
  • Carl Was a VIP 5 Making $4500 Per Day! 00:39:54
  • Threatens His Community 00:42:20
  • Dieudonné Freeman Question 00:43:21
  • Chet Szczesny Question 00:44:41
  • Maggie Collin Question 00:48:52
  • Marianne Morey Question 00:52:40
  • You’re Selling Yourself 00:53:30
  • Not a Snake Oil Salesman 00:54:02
  • You Are Selling the Academy 00:54:42
  • Kay Griswold Question 01:18:14
  • Selling a Hyperverse Product Using HyperCosmos 01:18:30
  • The Purpose of HyperCosmos 01:22:51
  • Carl’s HyperCosmos Prediction 01:23:48
  • Money Thrown in His Face $1000 Per Day! 01:26:26
  • Carl Haavaldsen Conclusion 01:28:00
  • Only Five Days Later… 01:35:02


Carl Haavaldsen, a Canadian network marketer, has been associated with several controversial schemes, particularly in the cryptocurrency space. His history as a multilevel marketer goes back 40 years, and he is now struggling to pay his rent. He has been linked to promoting Ponzi schemes like HyperVerse, HyperNation, and HyperCosmos. In these schemes, Haavaldsen openly professes to earning substantial amounts of money daily, often claiming returns that are typical of Ponzi structures where early investors are paid returns from the contributions of new investors rather than from profit earned by the investment product.

Haavaldsen’s involvement in these schemes highlights the typical characteristics of Ponzi schemes: high returns promised with little to no risk, recruitment of new investors to pay existing ones, and aggressive marketing strategies targeting a broad audience. His activities have drawn significant scrutiny and criticism from the cryptocurrency and broader financial communities due to the high-risk nature and the potential for substantial financial losses for investors.

In this video, I was trolling around the internet and popped into Carl’s Zoom meeting with Gerry. They were talking about how they felt about The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger exposing them. Believe my luck, Carl claimed that my pursuit was uncalled for and that he hadn’t done anything wrong other than trying to help people make money and build a business out of his advice. He also claimed I had 7,500,000 subscribers (I actually only have 7,500). He accused me of simply trying to get YouTube clicks. The purpose of this video is to show his history and fully expose him as a multilevel marketer.

Carl has been busy promoting MAVIELAB LTD, Ultron Technologies Incorporated, FlipMe, and Lottoday. Recently, Canada’s Financial Markets Authority in Quebec published a Document clearly stating that the opportunities Carl’s promoting are scams. The document is a legal decision from the Administrative Court for Financial Markets in Quebec, dated May 21, 2024. The case involves the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) against several respondents, including MAVIELAB LTD, Ultron Technologies Incorporated, FlipMe, Lottoday, and individuals Nick Lemay, Stéphane Plante, and Nathalie Mercier. The FMA alleges that these entities and individuals committed serious breaches of the Securities Act by conducting brokerage and advisory activities without proper registration and by soliciting investments from the public in forms of investment contracts related to cryptocurrencies, all without holding an approved prospectus or appropriate exemption.

Join me as I expose Carl Haavaldsen for what he truly is – a snake oil salesman preying on unsuspecting investors. Watch as we uncover the truth behind his schemes and reveal the real impact of his actions on everyday people. Together, we can create a safer and more informed community.

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