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So ladies and gentlemen leaders from around the world, friends, family. Thank you so much for joining us today on this special occasion. Um, big moment, big reveal. And I’m here with a dear friend of mine who I’ve known. Many many years over a decade now, a beautiful friendship has developed over that time.

He is, uh, an extraordinary, uh, human being in the space of direct selling. He runs a very successful global MLM consulting firm has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry in, uh, helping them with their compliance, with paid plans with. Designing their back offices of many, many, many different components of what it takes in the MLM industry.

That’s how I know him. Uh, we met all those years ago. I will consult in paths, crossed with each other. We eventually had the opportunity to work together on a particular project once upon a time that was about good seven, eight years, maybe nine years ago. That was really great fun. We got to travel around the world together.

We partied, we enjoyed, we had fun. We made a massive difference. He’s also high. Uh, he’s also somebody that cares, loves the industry wants always make the best decisions for the industry, for the people, huge integrity, huge values, um, an extraordinary human being. Hence why as a friend, I’m selective of the people I let into my inner circle, he’s definitely one of them.

And hence, while kept in touch all of the years, these years, even though we haven’t worked on any project since back then we have. Still met each other around the world in different places and enjoy each other’s company and maintain our personal friendship. What was really magical? I just want to add a little bit of context.

What was really magical about this? A reunion of business interaction was that like most recently two Mondays ago made a decision to, uh, uh, Reevaluate my situation in my current journey. And then the, uh, Monday just gone. So, yeah, sorry. Two Tuesdays ago I reevaluated and then Monday just gone. Uh, I made a firm decision after, um, a series of actions that took place in that 12 day window, which left me really short of.

Of where I wanted to be. He left me feeling completely out of integrity, completely out of place. And all of a sudden I was surrounded. Uh, information that I couldn’t ignore anymore. And what was really shortening on the Monday after that, uh, event took place. And I, I messaged everybody, uh, the, um, I, I can’t live this lie anymore and I’m going to stand for my truth.

Um, of course I automatically became the enemy of many and also the friend of many. And so unfortunately that wasn’t the plan to create such a divide, I guess, but some people don’t want to face facts and that’s fine. But, you know, the facts weren’t fun. And, you know, there was possibility always in their ways, isn’t it?

Uh, my prayer is always that those possibilities come true. My prayer is always that the right things are done by the people that can do them. And, uh, you know, I’m always going to create that in my, if you like universal meditation, my thought process that they do the right people do what they can and should do the right thing by the people.

That’s my wish. Always. In the meantime, Monday, the message goes out and Tuesday immediately, I get a message from this amazing individual out of the blue, having not spoken in a few weeks and you know, lifestyle from week to week, we have interactions. Always. We’ve been talking about meeting together, but it’d been a couple of weeks since I’d heard from him.

And just on Tuesday when it’s CalFresh, I’m in Dubai. How phenomenal was that. And I just was like, and he was like, CalFresh, I know you’re not available. I know you’re doing amazing things where you are already, you’ve hit amazing Heights, et cetera, et cetera. But I thought, you know, I’d let you know, I’m in town let’s party.

And so that’s. Beginning of the conversation. Anyway, I then filled him in, on what actually been going on and he was like, oh, okay. In that case, let’s have a talk. And he revealed to me what he was up to. And I’ve looked at all sorts of things out there in the world and this great stuff out there. There’s a lot of not so great stuff out there as always.

But what I loved about what was revealed to me here, Is the openness, the transparency of what’s going on and the advanced notice of what’s going on. So a lot of you will relate to what we share now in terms of we’ve been speaking this for some time and it’s almost like the universe prepared us for this moment.

That’s how I’m. Uh, envisioning it in my world. You know, we’ve been preparing ourselves for the last six months about a space and suddenly that space has just become real and has been delivered, uh, holding complete. So really beautiful. And then what I’ll do, Doug will, uh, introduce us to his people. And then at the end, he’ll also open up for a Q and a, and, uh, after that we will discuss, uh, you know, where, where people are.

Okay. So thank you so much that I much, much appreciate your time and your. Availability to help me get this information across onto new I’m learning very, very, uh, early days for me. So I’m going to watch your experience speak and let you deliver to my top top people around the world. Thank you so much.

Love wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you. My friend, my friend gov. I see that someone is waving at us right now. So maybe you want to clear that up real quick before I started. Hey, how are you, buddy? Go ahead and unmute yourself. Yes. I have three people that are struggling to get in connectivity, their usernames, please, because they are very important people.

Well, I’ve actually let everybody announce. There’s nobody in the waiting room

that they can’t get it. Okay, good. Good. Thank you. Okay, go ahead. Wonderful. Thank you so much. So I can see that some people out there in the call who already know me, uh, I see some familiar faces and that’s good so far. So hello and welcome. Good to see you guys again, thank you for the introduction call.

And I want to do some, uh, introduction about myself so that you know, a little bit better, what I’m doing, what cops is doing, why we have met so many years of. Um, and therefore, therefore it’s good that you are all on the call. So first of all, for my person, my name is Dick Thompson. You can see it in my, uh, in my zoom account here.

I’m 28 years in this industry already. Full-time 28 years in network marketing. Um, so I’m one of the dinosaurs of this industry. Although I’m looking young, I’m already 45 years old, turning 46 right now. And since I’m 17 years old and I started with selling lipsticks and cosmetics in this industry, I’m going full-time, uh, in this industry.

Uh, w with, with a fun time, with a blast all over the years, I became income millionaire when I was 18. Um, and since then, um, building up sales companies all over the world back then, of course we didn’t have internet back then it was product based companies. Uh, like LR international cosmetic companies from new skin, new ways like these companies, maybe you heard about them before.

Maybe you heard about Herbalife before, like these companies. So I was major player with all of these companies, um, on the corporate side, as well as on the sales side. And since, uh, around 12 years, I having my own consulting group of six offices in the world. And I did build up with these offices, basically companies all over the world sales strategies.

Um, what have you products, uh, all over the place? So within the past 10 years I helped or we help with 400 projects to build your new us dollars coming into network marketing. And I did build up 42 income millionaires so far. Um, so we want to approach that topic. I’m hall of fame, of network marketing.

And as I said, some of you already smiling and remember me with one, couple of journeys that we already did together. I see Martin here. So in 2019, he was one of them. Uh, the couple was one of my top leaders in a company that I did build up from scratch 250 million in yearly sales and was a frequency company named PD.

That’s where I showed the world what can be done with a very short amount of time, with a very, very big approach and momentum. And here we want to do the same thing. Uh, since eight and a half years now, I’m in the industry of, um, cryptocurrency blockchain. Metaverse what have you. And we are one of the, um, yeah, experts in that field when it comes to new projects, when it comes to international.

Markets when it comes to bridging, for instance, the Venezuela bridge with crypto. That’s what we did with our agency as well. Um, but I never crossed, um, MLM, cryptocurrency or blockchain technology so far together. The first time that I’m doing it is right now. Um, and this is a project that is called GS partners.

G as partners has already. Um, well known in this industry for a couple of years, we have the chairman of the board here in the call. So he will talk to you later on as well. Um, and what are the history sites? The couple of years that we already worked with them together? Um, I know him already a couple of years, as I said.

And, uh, he’s very Antiga um, uh, Loyal person to the industry, to the people out there. And therefore it was for me, good to look into this project with him together again last year. And since then we build up a very big relationship all over the world. And a very new approach to the MLM industry, which is so-called mattify products.

So the company, GS partners has already different kinds of licenses, banking, licenses, a public stock exchange traded company. Um, bringing together now with a metaverse company. Um, they have a metaverse company already operating with more than 500,000 active users since two or two and a half years, which is called Lydian world.

And the Lydian world is then approaching people with migraine. We’re staking with minting with NFTE. So it’s, everything’s already there and used by more than 500,000 people active users. We combine that with the GS partners, um, network marketing strain since 2018. And now we added on top to that. One of the most prestigious.

Uh, Forex trading and crypto trading companies in the world with $1 trillion in sales, um, in, in a volume trade that they do call BD Swiss, which is the number three Forex trading platform in the world right now. So we added exclusively that. To the metaverse company make a modified product out of that, not only one, five modified five products out of that.

And we have an approach right now to conquer the MLM industry with legality, which is very important for me. I was never involved into a scam and I don’t want to be involved into a scam. So. The reason why we brought this together and you will see the owner of the BD Swiss company, um, in the next couple of days on a call as well.

And he will talk to you about that as well. Why we now bringing a trading company together with an existing metaverse and MLM company is one reason we want to take down all scams out there were really straightforward because. BD Swiss is the most or one of the most legal Forex trading platforms that you can find all over the planet.

We bring that together with a metaverse company, a metaverse company that is already existing since two and a half years. So right now we end the driver’s seat of building up a real, real, real, already. Proven to be good, proven to be legal company all around the world. So this is right now, something that never happened before in this industry.

So we are not touching only one area, um, of digital era that we are doing right now with the metaverse company. We also touching the next big part. Mattify real metal of fire products, banking products in between the GS partners has also GS chain, which is a company that is in between doing all the exchanges.

We have several kinds of exchanges. We have a token already existing in the ecosystem. We have credit cards with MasterCard, even with a gold credit card with a 5 million spending on there. So we have all of that already in place. So it’s not like in the future next step, whatever promising no it’s already in place and already up and running.

So with that saying metamours minting, mining NFTs already done. Then the bridge in between. Which is a cryptocurrency exchange, which is banking licenses in between, which is an already public traded company in between. Now going to be the Swiss, one of the most prestigious Forex and crypto trading companies out there with two and a half million clients already, even without.

Even without us already. Okay. So they, we bring them all together and now you can imagine what happens when you bring all that power together on the street. Now we just need new guys. Did we need the duplicators? We need the people who are really interested in, first of all, financial freedom, bringing a good legal, financial product to the world, having Mehta five products.

So combining metaverse and financial products together. More than 25 regulated licenses out there with a banking license out there that covers all continents in the world. So we are talking already about something that other companies want to maybe do in the future. We already have that it’s already there.

We just brought it now together to an exclusive partnership. And with that building up a legacy, the GS partners company, that you will see it on. Business for home as well, business for home. Most of you know, it’s a, it’s a press release platform that we have in our industry with Ted Newton, Ted was on our launch event and they, you see, we are white listed there as well.

So they have them made their due diligence. Eric Warry was speaking on our launch event. Also they have their due diligence to do something. So we all came together. The combination of BD Swiss to form. Now something very, very, very big. And therefore, I’m very glad that my old friend called Pesh joining me with you together on that journey.

And as Cal PESTEL already said, we know each other a long, long, long time, nearly more than a decade. Now we made some businesses together since nine years. Like left and right left and rights. We waited for the moment where we can combine our strengths and forces together to build up something really big.

And now it’s, now it’s the time now it’s the time where we want to build it up. And to show you a little bit more about. What is the, metaverse what this Lydian world, what is citizenships there? What is, what, what means a metaverse for us? So citizenship minting, mining gaming, which is already existing. Um, I have someone with me, um, who can show you the great, great overview about Lydian world and what we are doing so far with all GS partners input that is there.

And then I’m coming back to give you all the, all the bridges, all the connections that we have in. And then our chairman of the board, just the pies is also speaking to you so that you see, I want you to see one thing that we are very transparent. We are as well on the blockchain, so we cannot hide so much things.

So I want to be very transparent with you. We want to give you all the information, all the. All the documents that we have fulfilled in the past and all the, all the history that we have and what we want to do in the future. And then we do question answers. So everything that you see in between, just note it down.

And then we do question answers and I promise you, we will transparently answer all your questions at the end of the day. So, Bruce, I think is there and I hope I can get him here on stage. Um, Bruce, I think you said.

Uh, Kompass you are still the host. I think you have to bring him up. Uh, my Mike’s life. It’s good to see you. Thank you so much. You got over a hundred people on here and it just looks like quality, quality, quality. So thank you so much. My pleasure. Yes, just an introduction for Bruce. Um, he will introduce himself, but, uh, I met him in the product, GS partners.

He is one of the, the person in, in the leadership team, which is very knowledgeable. Um, he comes from the crypto space as well. He comes from the metaverse space as well. Therefore I’ve seen. Trust in him that we all bring our own knowledge into something really big and good. Uh, he’s also moved to Dubai a couple of months ago from South Africa.

He’s originally not from South Africa. You’re some Swati land, my friend, and I know that. So I’m, um, I’m more than happy to have you here with us together on this very, very crucial call that we have today. His name is Bruce Hughes. Um, he is family, father of three kids. Um, wonderful people. So I thank you and welcome you to the stage now.

Thank you so much, Bruce. Thank you, Bruce. All the pressure’s on you now.

That’s awesome. Thanks again for having me on the call help. It’s just, when I’m introducing a little bit of background, could I ask that you scan down and find my second username, Bruce, as well? I’ve got two devices here, some of the websites, some of the PowerPoints I can shave from my laptop. That’d be great, but thanks so much.

Awesome to be on here. Just to give a little bit of background. Uh, I’ve spent the last seven years inside of the blockchain industry. Really cut my teeth on Bitcoin, a theory of expansive cash and live coin mining and three massive facilities about two and a half hours outside of CA. Absolutely love that space.

The Chinese arrived at the market with much cheaper electricity, big equipment, and killed everybody for a period. Right during that period got into ICO’s got into consulting and managed to partner up with a big company that at that stage was doing an ICO. And through that. Threw that into that meeting the chairman of the board, who you’re going to meet tonight and have now submit as well.

So I’ve got my own consulting firm based in Dubai. I have a big heart for network marketing. I was one of those 21 year olds to, um, made my first couple of thousand in. Uh, which was exciting stuff. Um, and then got into teaching into church, planting, Forex, trading, running Pam accounts. And then finally, as I said, seven years ago into blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I do have my own academy.

We host free courses. And I’ve been invited recently to start putting material together for success resources, the company that works alongside Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, uh, just in creating generic content. That is a first principles for people moving towards this technology. Having said that, having said that it is very exciting to be part of a company that is blockchain centric instead of cryptos.

And I want that just to sink in for a moment. Uh, often I get messages and I’m sure you do have someone asking the question, is this company legitimate when something cryptocurrency pops up and more often than not, when you started looking at. You see it’s crypto centric, then you start looking at how safe it is.

In other words, is it future proof? Is it moving with the regulators? Is it going and fixing ticking the necessary boxes to be sustainable in its token Nomics and more often than. A good idea tends to be built on a bad mechanical bed infrastructure. And so to be part of this company, to be partnered up with Mr.

High two, you’re going to hear from a bit later, you’re going to start understanding really why this project is so massive and how it’s managed to, uh, capture so much ground in such a small space of time. And then really is because at the core of everything you look at tonight is the technology of blockchain.

And because it’s blockchain centric just about any market can now be disrupted. How do we go and disrupt the financial markets? Do we have a blockchain centric platform, system timestamped that can give us credibility inside of the financial market, the banking system? Do we have something that can give us credibility and capture market share inside of the logistics industry, the E commerce space where you can bring business online, but you can timestamp authenticate the movements of products and services.

Is it a blockchain centric approach to how are we going to create a digital real estate developments? Can we marry the world of top architects out of Germany with this new need for exchange platforms and exchange places inside of digital real estate environments. This is the core of what we do now.

What I’m going to do over the next 25 minutes. Is, I wanna give us a real sort of step back view. So simple, simple presentation on some of the broad brush strokes, and then I’m going to spend time and then same 25 and a block going into specifics. So we’re going to take a broad view first, and then we’re going to go look at certain specific parts of our ecosystem that we should be paying attention to.

Let me warn you right now. We’re not going to cover. We’re not going to get into everything on this court because we’re a blockchain centric and we’re disrupting multiple markets. It would take too long to talk about everything that we’re doing. So I’m going to focus on what is important right now. I’m going to focus on what Dirk and I partnered up on as our focus.

And Mr. Hyde can obviously talk about the overall overarching long-term roadmap that he and the company are aiming at. Is that spare just type in. I’m ready for overview. And in some stifle, like we’ve got to kind of pick, pinpoint some things out. You can type the word. Yes. If you’re happy with that approach, that’s what we’re going to do right now in the section.

So I’m going to share my screen with you and we’re going to go straight into it. We’re going to start on a 10 pager. Very, very simple short presentation giving us. Firstly, I want to make sure that the brand, the metaverse, the e-commerce platform that marries trading and payments and staking and harvesting and NFT markets.

And so real estate, the platform that all of that meets on is called Lydian world. And we have already started trademarking and putting together certain terms to describe the scope of our activity. So you will hear terms like Metta mining, like Metta, brokerage, Metta estates, Metta trading, Metta gaming, because these are multiple industries and activities that are marrying together in one place.

You will also hear us talk about our Metta stars. These are burns celebrities influences. We’ve decided to align themselves. Along with our brand. Now, one of them that I do want to talk to, because I’ve seen a lot of, um, a lot of cricketers on this call, I’m carrying some English accents. I’m even hearing some south African accents.

Uh, I’ve seen some, uh, uh, Indian participants on hand. You know, part of our sporting cultures is. We’ve got Herschel dibs who sits inside of our meta star stable. He’s a gentlemen who will be branded up. He’s come to our south African events. He was that either by event. Uh, you’re going to see football stars like Roberto, Carlos Michael’s Delgado.

You’re going to see boxing champion and money. These are celebrities. These are brands. These are names that are aligning themselves without metaverse Lydian world. Uh, just very quickly. Yes. What we’re going to run through in the short, sharp seven minute section, we’re going to go through some of the partnerships that are in place.

We’re going to talk about a particular product called a metaverse certificate. I am going to touch on the GS partners platform. That’s our affiliate program. It’s our commission only program. We’re going to talk a little bit around some of the commissions and rewards that are in place. Uh, and then we’re going to cover how to get started.

Once we’ve done that seven minute brief, I’m going to go into some of our dashboards, some of our platforms, some of our sites. So you can have a look at how the maternity. Uh, what we’re doing within our ecosystem, um, metaverse works. So let’s, uh, let’s power on, let’s go through this together. Two names, two names that it’s useful.

You looking at finding out about one is the chairman of the board. Joe Sopite is on this call. You’re going to meet him shortly and another is our chief technical officer, Alexandra coach under these other mantra of bringing the technology into our space. Well, Mr. Hyde brings in partnerships alongside to Excel and brings an intellectual property, brings in the technology and really his addicts and his team.

And he has multiple development teams to actually bring this in an actionable and obtainable fashion to the market. So these are two names that you definitely want to spend time. These are some of our mentor stars. As I said, money may weigh their Michael’s Ocado. Roberto Carlos book to Matt field from the rugby, uh, arena, Herschel Gibbs Lucas.

Hi, Debbie. These are some of our current metastases and you’re going to see more celebrities, more influences entering our ecosystem and aligning with our brand. Over time. Now, if you’re a marketer that’s always useful, right? It’s great to leverage somebody else’s status, uh, and be able to say, look it they’re here.

We should be paying attention to this. So this is a great marketing tool. It’s a great endorsement. And these are just good people that. I had the privilege of meeting them and have to buy events. We’ve got another big events happening in London in September, and I have the privilege of meeting with more and more of our Mehta stars.

And as Mr Heitz has alluded to in previous calls, now we’re going to start setting up, uh, an, a rate and arrangements or relationship. Where our partners, our community gets to benefit from those relationships too. So watch this space as we really start stepping into power into the market with these names, with these brands.

The second thing I want to talk about, uh, partnerships that are, uh, that game changers in our market and Duke’s element has briefly touched on that. We’ve launched the world’s first metaverse broker. That’s an alignment of partnership. Along with BD Swiss Swiss does 1 trillion euros per annum in trade puts them in the top three financial houses globally.

It puts them does let’s do the math on this. It puts them at pretty much, almost the same as the entire market cap of cryptocurrencies. Currently you go look at the market cap today. It’s 1.2. The Swiss does a trillion euros per annum and trade. They’ve got multiple licenses and multiple territories. So you’re going to see the Cypress licensing, their Germany licensing, uh, their, uh, UAS licensing, their militias licensing.

You’re going to see five other licenses that are currently rolling out at the moment. One of them is a UK license. You know, this is a big. That is making sure that they cheap, neat, tidy, clean. They sit by the audited. They’re regulated. They’re insured because the moment, the moment you started offering a brokerage facility, you have to tick those boxes.

There’s no way around that. And that’s a good thing. I have so many people who come to me and tell the story about how they thought they were getting into trading, or they thought they were getting into a manage brokerage portfolio that would pay them daily. And then suddenly someone ended up hiding ops and Paraguay or suddenly a website.

We’d done it. No one could access the important photos. So this for us, this for us should become a flag in the ground. That says let’s start gathering around good business practice, professional business practice with professionals in this industry. So that’s not made a brokerage. Uh, again, we are partnering up with ministers stars and celebrities, and then I’ll third one yet, uh, which really is going to shake up the e-commerce space is Metta estates moving from the Amazon model of select and add to cart.

And instead walking through and moving into cart, being able to purchase goods, uh, access services, move into concepts, uh, go into venues and to museums and be able to interact with an e-commerce environment. That’s what starts to happen inside of a Metta, the state city development. So let’s power on is have a look at what’s going on again.

I want to talk about our core product. And I wanted to talk about different parts that that core product brings to the markets. We’re focused on a core product for a metaverse certificate and just like its name suggests meta meaning multiple our metaverse certificate brings multiple solutions to our community when we purchase a metaverse certificate.

It opens up the door to a managed brokerage portfolio. It’s an API linked to BD Swiss. It exposes our community into stocks and shares and to Forex and to CFDs and to a regulated environment that same meta-verse certificate also exposed as our community and to liquidity called mining and harvesting.

There’s something called meta mining. I’ll talk a bit about that just now. And it also unlocked. The ability for men to trading so high leverage trading inside of a trade environment. Um, the last last thing is that the actual metaverse certificate itself has a dollar value attached to it. And that dollar values also traded, managed on behalf of our community.

And that can earn them have two, 300% over an 18 month. So there’s not a sense that goes to waste everything within the meta certificate environment goes to work for our community, whether it’s an, a managed portfolio or a liquidity pool portfolio or a trading portfolio, or even just a, a, a, a profit trade share model.

There’s not a set that goes to. The capital is working for our community daily, weekly, monthly, inside of the applicable appropriate environments. So let’s go have a little bit of a look through the last few. Before we go into the nuts and bolts of some of what I’ve shown you over here. is a separate platform.

It runs parallel to Lydian world. Lydian worlds manifests. It’s our middle market. It’s our e-commerce site. It’s all our products and services interact. GS partners is where we do the purchasing of those. Before deploying them into the metaverse GS partners is also where we track the growth of our communities.

We track our commissions. Everything is timestamped on blockchain, paid real time. We’re going to go and have a look at that inside of GS partners, too. And just like any marketing arm, GS park is where incentives are rent from, uh, competitions or run from, and bonuses are paid out. So we will spend a little bit of time on that.

People want to know within our marketing plan. What is the structure of the pay plan? Is it a uni level? Is it a binary? You know, how many levels is it? Just to let you know, it’s a little bit of a hybrid model. We’ve got a nine level pay plan from direct to your indirects. And it’s scaled from 15%, goes down 5, 4, 4, 4, and then kicks back up to 6% on the ninth level.

Obviously we want to be encouraging depth as what, as what with this pay plan and then like any pay plan. We’ve also got. Pools volume, sale pools, bonus pools, uh, that as you ranking up and hitting rank, you get access to as well. We’ll have a look at that shortly. Our steps to getting plugged in there really is simple.

We want to help our community plug into GS partners first so that they get the best of products, the best of pricing, the best of the commission. Step two is to guide our community through finding their accounts. And we actually load funds into care for many people that is a new process. Some people, this is their first, uh, first steps into any blockchain related activity.

Some people have never opened an account with wallets or central exchanges. Step three, we want to activate our membership account. Uh, that’s a $33 monthly subscription. It gives him dollars to go and spend inside of Lydian world to go and get citizenships to go in debt and Mehta, mining, metals, certificates, metal brokerage, meta trading, all happening inside of that environment.

Step four, obviously, as the purchasing of those medicines, that begets step five is looking at a better strategy, how to go and position them to earn for you. So the deployment of those assets, and then six step six is earning from those assets. And again, we’ve got a very set structure on how to help people walk into this.

Uh, I’m sure many of you may know this. They send 3% currently globally, even hold cryptocurrencies less than 1% understand blockchain. And so, as Dirk has told you, we want to position ourselves to educate people and walk them through the process and a responsible professional, compassionate, sustainable manner.

And so that’s why we’ve put the steps in that. Uh, you’re on this call, that a fairly unique time. You’ve just joined us on, I believe it’s the last day today of may, which means you’ve got the entire month of June to take advantage of a promotion that’s running. If you choose to step towards us, let me briefly tell you about it.

Um, makes us certificates, uh, that you can purchase. There’s 11 of them and I’ll go through them. The value of that certificate can be traded for you from the 1st of July, earning up to 300% over its trade life, which is about 18 months, the metal broker managed accounts, uh, for every dollar that we put into the mates of broken, managed account BD Swiss, and the chairman of our board matches.

So for every thousand dollars that you put into that accounts to be managed for you, you’re getting another thousand. So you literally doubling your managed brokerage account. Uh, during this period, we’ve got our meta trading at launches on the 1st of July. That really is for the trade community who maybe went to higher risk, uh, footprints in the market.

And it made a Bonnie at the moment. We also have a matching promotion. So when people are putting capital into the process of, uh, APY, or they put a team mining, they’re actually dabbling that capital over this period as well. So there’s some pretty good promotions that are helping us take this into the market, really making it juicy, really making sure that people are motivated to move towards this safe, sustainable regulated space.

And that’s possible because of the partnerships, the alignments that have been brought to the table. So I’m going to stop sharing the very short presentation. And instead of what I’d like to do is go spend a little bit of time inside of the platforms, both the partner platform, which is where we run out business.

We bought other products and services and our commissions, and metaverse where the marketplaces, where the trading is, where the managed brokerage is reminding happens. But any of the teas, so real estates, all take. And so I’m going to do this slightly counter-intuitive and I’m going to start us across to the main events.

I want to go show you how it’s set up and how our products and services are deployed and work for us inside of their marketplace. So I’m going to share my screen with you and we’re going to go straight across.