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In this explosive episode, we broadcast a live Zoom meeting run by Tami E. Jackson and Alicia Banton (Prayze), where they promoted the highly controversial Miracle Cash & More. During the meeting, they played a promotional video encouraging people to invest in crypto, which we dissect to reveal the truth behind their claims.


– How to Report Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency Scams: A Global Guide: https://www.dehek.com/general/ponzi-scheme-scamalerts/how-to-report-cybercrime-and-cryptocurrency-scams-a-global-guide/

Who Are Tami E. Jackson and Alicia Banton (Prayze)?

Tami E. Jackson:
Tami E. Jackson is deeply involved with the HyperTech Group and HyperCommunity, often seen working alongside prominent figures like Sam Lee. HyperTech and its ventures, including HyperVerse, have faced intense scrutiny and allegations of operating like a Ponzi scheme. These schemes promise significant returns to investors that are heavily reliant on recruiting new members rather than legitimate business activities or product sales. This pyramid-like structure is unsustainable and often collapses when new recruits dwindle.

Alicia Banton (Prayze):
Alicia Banton, also known as Alicia Prayze, is the CEO of Prayze London. She is a British entrepreneur of Jamaican descent, known for her involvement in network marketing and business development. Banton has served as a director for companies like OMESA Universal Limited and The Prayze Project Ltd. She is actively involved in helping individuals achieve personal and financial success and also has a presence in the music industry under the name Alicia Prayze.

The Red Flags of Miracle Cash & More

Dubious Claims and Misrepresentations:
Miracle Cash & More has made several exaggerated claims, such as a $3.5 billion valuation based on hypothetical future financials, despite only generating $10,000 in revenue. They falsely claimed partnerships with reputable companies like Coinbase and Bitpanda and falsely stated that they purchased a company called Abu Bambu in Spain.

Regulatory Issues:
The company operates under a license revoked by the Estonian Money Laundering Bureau and does not have an FCA license to operate in the UK. These regulatory issues raise significant red flags about the company’s legitimacy and legal standing.

Multi-Level Marketing and High Commissions:
Investments in Miracle Cash & More involve a multi-level marketing scheme where 30% of investors’ money goes towards commissions before any funds reach the intended investment. This structure is often characteristic of pyramid schemes, which are unsustainable and illegal.

Lack of Physical Presence and Fake Stores:
Despite claims of having stores in major cities worldwide, there is no evidence that these stores exist. This discrepancy further undermines the credibility of their operations.

History of Fraud by Key Individuals:
Key figures associated with Miracle Cash & More, such as Hakan Torehan, have a history of embezzling money and fleeing from legal repercussions in other countries. This history of fraudulent behavior by the leadership team adds to the concerns.

Based on our findings, Miracle Cash & More exhibits many characteristics of a scam. Potential investors should exercise extreme caution and consider these red flags before engaging with the company.

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