Danny de HekThis Podcast was inspired by watching the documentary “The Watchtower” aired on Oxygen.com in February 2020

I was bought up a Jehovah’s Witness. I was disfellowshipped twice, I got reinstated after only four months, and then disfellowshipped again 6 months later. My family doesn’t speak to me and I’ve been out of the organisation since 1993.

I’ve had two family members commit suicide and I believe one of the main factors was the Jehovah’s Witness organisations.

I had to start over from scratch at the age of 23. All the people I looked up to, all the people that gave me leadership and my best and dearest friends, were lost and I couldn’t communicate with them.

Honestly, I do not believe I have a chip on my shoulder, however the influence this organisation has on people has to be spoken about. Ironically, they believe that the world will turn on them one-day, who knows, this could be the beginning.

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