Focus is a unique service that sets ELITE : SIX apart from other like-minded businesses. We provide SIX mentors to discuss your business needs in one round-table session.

We provide types of sessions:

  1. Accelerate an existing business
  2. Run a feasibility test for a new business idea to assess merit

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Or have you been in business for quite a few years and you’re struggling to find a direction to take it in? Our goal is to guide you to take your business and ideas to the next level.

ELITE : SIX has an array of professional business people who share their knowledge, experience and skills with others. Have you heard of Dragons Den or Shark Tank? We are providing a similar format but offering constructive advice from a selected crew tailored to you.

The service

Six business people get together for a three hour interactive session and will give you direction on all angles of your business, from marketing to most importantly, feasibility. You will leave the meeting with practical advice and steps you can take to move to the next level.

Ideally we can meet face-to-face in Christchurch. Alternatively, we can run a ZOOM meeting. Focus meetings are recorded so you can refer back to the content at a later date.

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